LED Panels & Toshiba GU10


  • Über 5000lm: Hell wie 8x60W Glühbirnen
  • Ultraflaches und modernes Design: Nur 13mm Höhe
  • Homogenes, blendfreies und natürliches Licht

Philips Master LED BirneGlow 8W

Neuer Preis: 33,90 ¤

Hell wie 40W-Birne (470lm) sehr schönes warmweiß

LED innovations

Ultra-Slim LED Panels: Eight times brighter than a 60-Watt bulb

Ultra-slim LED panels with a height of only 13mm are very filigree and perfectly suited to illuminate even large living rooms. Up to 360 LEDs generate 72Watt LED light. In our LED-measuring laboratory the panels in white and warm-white reach a fabulous efficiency of more than 70lm/W and a luminous flux of more than 5000lm. This corresponds to approx. 8 times that of a 60W bulb. A CRI of more than 90 (warm-white) provides an extraordinarily natural and comfortable light.

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LUMITRONIX LED Matrix: 70.000lm per square metre

The Matrix is designed in a way that it can be delivered in one piece of up to 9x12 segments (each segment: 9 Nichia LEDs, 180lm, CRI of more than 85, 1.8W) and operates like a large PCB. The matrix can be broken by hand without tools, so that each segment also functions separately. With the LUMITRONIX LED Matrix you can individually create long strings, complex shapes or large surfaces without soldering or tinkering. One single supply of electricity is sufficient.

Now available:
Innovative LED Matrix, made in Germany!

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