Meanwell LDH-45A-1050W LDH-45A-1050W (1050mA)
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Meanwell LDH-45A-1050W LDH-45A-1050W (1050mA)


  • Minimum input voltage 9VDC
  • Maximum input voltage 18VDC
  • DC/DC Step-Up transducer
  • In-built EMI filter
  • Short-circuit overheating protection
  • PWM, +analog DIM, Remote ON/OFF
  • Cooled by free convection
  • Fully encapsulated
  • 3 year manufacturer guarantee

Technical specifications

  • Item 95317: 350mA, output voltage 12-86VDC
  • Item 95318: 500mA, output voltage 12-86VDC
  • Item 95319: 700mA, output voltage 12-64VDC
  • Item 95320: 1050mA, output voltage 12-43VDC
  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 22.7 x 75 x 53 mm
Technical details
Manufacturer item numberLDH-45A-1050W
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Meanwell LDH-45A-1050W

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PWM, +analog DIM, Remote ON/OFF

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Meanwell LDH-45A-1050W LDH-45A-1050W (1050mA)
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