Constant current supply, 100mA 100mA
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Constant current supply, 100mA 100mA

Constant current source for the operation of LEDs with a current of 100/200/350/500/600/700/1000/1400mA (depending on the version). Constant current sources are particularly suited for the safe and professional operation of one or several LEDs. Especially for cases when the input-voltage is not constant (in cars or alternating current), constant current sources offer a comfortable possibility to connect LEDs directly to this current source without hassle.

Technical data:

  • minimum input voltage: 6VDC
  • maximum input voltage: 35V DC/25 V AC
  • output current: 100/200/350/500/600/700/800/900/1000/1400mA
  • tolerance of output current: <2%
  • measures up to 1000mA: 23 x 23mm
  • measures 1400mA: 30 x 31.5 x 7mm
  • operating temperature: -40°C to 60°C
  • thermal protection: should the constant current source become too hot, it automatically regulates the current downwards.
  • polarised input
  • dimmable with product 95019

The module can power up to 10 high performance LEDs in white, blue or green or up to 16 high performance light emitting diodes in red, amber, orange, or yellow, depending on the input voltage. Depending on the load, a cooling element might be necessary. Recommended cooling element: 6001, the PCB can be easily installed with our thermal conductive adhesive.

Technical details
Manufacturer item number95048
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Constant current supply, 100mA

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suitable for all High Power LEDs (not for Spots)

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Constant current supply, 100mA 100mA
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Manual is on German only!!!
The circuit never worked

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