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The ColorSense measuring device developed by LUMITRONIX enables measuring colour temperature and chromaticity coordinates in an extremely easy manner.

LUMITRONIX ColorSense is equipped with an RGB sensor, which measures the red, green and blue percentage and in doing so, calculates the chromaticity coordinates in the CIE 1931 xy system and the colour temperature. The chromaticity coordinates and the colour temperature are then shown in the display. The colour temperature measurement range ranges from 1600K to 7500K and can be measured at a luminous intensity of 3 to 32,000 Lux.

This easy to handle device is operated with 2xAA batteries and can be used virtually anywhere for mobile applications. In continuous operation, the batteries have a service life of approximately 70 hours. In combination with an optional power supply (e.g. universal switch-mode power supply 1000mA 12V item no. 95136), stationary application is also possible.

With ColorSense, LUMITRONIX offers an inexpensive way of determining the colour temperature and chromaticity coordinates. This measuring device is aimed at manufacturers of light fixtures, service technicians but also end users, who are not reliant on the exact precision of an expensive spectrometer and who want to determine, select or adjust lighting in a simple manner.

In general, it must be observed that the complete light affecting the sensor during application influences the measurement. Absorption and reflection can also influence the result of measurement.


  • Mobile device for the measurement of light
  • Measurement of chromaticity coordinates in the CIE 1931 xy system
  • Measurement of colour temperature in the range of 1600K to 7500K (precision ▒50K)
  • Setting time 10s
  • Measurement at luminous intensity of 3 to 32000lx is possible
  • Battery operated with 2xAA batteries (not included)
  • Stationary operation with optionally available power supply is possible
  • Hold function for measurement in places difficult to access
  • Dimensions 103x100x35mm (lxwxh)
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Mobile device for the measurement of light

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Power supply 1.5A, 12V 
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