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In this category you will find high quality products of your selected brand manufacturer and assemblies, which consist largely of components to this manufacturer. The trademark and name rights are owned by the respective companies.

Honsel pendant light Lomia, Item no. 43564
Honsel pendant light Lomia194,89 €*
Honsel table lamp Lovi, 35 cm, Item no. 43585
Honsel table lamp Lovi, 35 cm39,00 €*
Honsel wall light Clip, Item no. 43527
Honsel wall light Clipfrom 44,79 €*
Honsel pendant light Vilde, Item no. 43567
Honsel pendant light Vildefrom 321,95 €*
Honsel ceiling light Stick, 33x33 cm, Item no. 43560
Honsel ceiling light Stick, 33x33 cm146,88 €*
Honsel ceiling light Tetra, Item no. 43484
Honsel ceiling light Tetra41,14 €*41,33 €
Honsel pendant light Giro, Item no. 43554
Honsel pendant light Giro111,13 €*
Honsel wall light Tetra, Item no. 43518
Honsel wall light Tetra37,50 €*
Honsel wall light Liana 1-flame, Item no. 43580
Honsel wall light Liana 1-flame34,30 €*
Honsel ceiling light Cassa, square, Item no. 43478
Honsel ceiling light Cassa, squarefrom 71,77 €*
Honsel ceiling light Bloc, large, Item no. 43490
Honsel ceiling light Bloc, large65,32 €*
Honsel pendant light Stick, Item no. 43553
Honsel pendant light Stick186,14 €*
Honsel pendant light Tangenz, Item no. 43572
Honsel pendant light Tangenz246,89 €*
Honsel wall light Luis, Item no. 43582
Honsel wall light Luis40,15 €*
Honsel wall light Mill, Item no. 43538
Honsel wall light Mill56,33 €*
Honsel pendant light Bubble, 1-flame, Item no. 43548
Honsel pendant light Bubble, 1-flame43,07 €*
Honsel Lola LED wallight 1x6.5W, Item no. 59712
Honsel Lola LED wallight 1x6.5W

Incl. Citizen Power LED, 475lm, CRI80+

79,99 €*
Honsel ceiling light Sporto 3-flame, Item no. 43483
Honsel ceiling light Sporto 3-flame69,62 €*
Honsel wall light Ohio LED, Item no. 43536
Honsel wall light Ohio LED40,18 €*
Honsel wall light Lovi, Item no. 43584
Honsel wall light Lovi38,66 €*
Honsel pendant light Jim, 4-flame, Item no. 43573
Honsel pendant light Jim, 4-flame248,06 €*
Honsel ceiling light Piano, square, Item no. 43496
Honsel ceiling light Piano, square55,18 €*
Honsel table lamp Pala, Item no. 43541
Honsel table lamp Pala27,16 €*
Honsel pendant light Lagon, 4-flame, Item no. 43544
Honsel pendant light Lagon, 4-flame151,70 €*
Honsel ceiling light Tangenz, Item no. 43571
Honsel ceiling light Tangenz171,90 €*176,85 €
Honsel ceiling light Mikado, 4-flame, Item no. 43575
Honsel ceiling light Mikado, 4-flame211,27 €*
Honsel pendant light Loder, Item no. 43563
Honsel pendant light Loder193,99 €*
Honsel wall light Turn, Item no. 43523
Honsel wall light Turnfrom 68,26 €*94,90 €
Honsel wall light Bassa, Item no. 43510
Honsel wall light Bassafrom 39,00 €*
Honsel pendant light Turn, Item no. 43555
Honsel pendant light Turnfrom 132,49 €*175,00 €
Honsel Lomia LED floor lamp 4x6.5W, Item no. 59738
Honsel Lomia LED floor lamp 4x6.5W

Dimmable, 1900lm, CRI80+

299,00 €*
Honsel pendant light Pala, Item no. 43574
Honsel pendant light Pala158,88 €*
, Item no. 43500
from 61,80 €*
Honsel ceiling light Helle, round, Item no. 43473
Honsel ceiling light Helle, round

30 cm diameter

91,50 €*
Honsel table lamp Forma, flat, Item no. 43539
Honsel table lamp Forma, flat53,35 €*
Honsel pendant light Jim, 3-flame, Item no. 43558
Honsel pendant light Jim, 3-flame229,90 €*
Honsel ceiling light Giro, Item no. 43491
Honsel ceiling light Giro105,57 €*
Honsel pendant light Lagon, 1-flame, Item no. 43543
Honsel pendant light Lagon, 1-flame46,90 €*
Honsel wall light Sporto 1-flame, Item no. 43481
Honsel wall light Sporto 1-flame28,74 €*
Honsel Ceiling light Cookie, round, Item no. 43485
Honsel Ceiling light Cookie, roundfrom 37,87 €*
Honsel pendant light Bubble,4-flame, Item no. 43549
Honsel pendant light Bubble,4-flame143,86 €*
Honsel ceiling light Bloc, small, Item no. 43489
Honsel ceiling light Bloc, small41,69 €*
Honsel ceiling light Cookie, square, Item no. 43492
Honsel ceiling light Cookie, squarefrom 72,65 €*
Honsel ceiling light Sporto, 4-flame, Item no. 43578
Honsel ceiling light Sporto, 4-flame143,00 €*
Honsel ceiling light Cady, Item no. 43579
Honsel ceiling light Cady131,99 €*134,89 €
Honsel ceiling light Helle, square, Item no. 43474
Honsel ceiling light Helle, square88,45 €*
, Item no. 43577
248,90 €*267,30 €
Honsel pendant light Tuva, 160 cm length, Item no. 43566
Honsel pendant light Tuva, 160 cm length411,94 €*
Honsel wall light Tangenz, Item no. 43537
Honsel wall light Tangenz88,00 €*
Honsel pendant light Segel, Item no. 43562
Honsel pendant light Segel240,95 €*
Honsel wall light Emma, Item no. 43509
Honsel wall light Emma49,42 €*
Hot product
Honsel wall light Pare, Item no. 43519
Honsel wall light Parefrom 71,86 €*103,88 €
Honsel table light Lovi, height 63 cm, Item no. 43586
Honsel table light Lovi, height 63 cm44,86 €*
Honsel pendant light Jim, 4-flames, Item no. 43559
Honsel pendant light Jim, 4-flames261,90 €*
Honsel ceiling light Lombi, Item no. 43504
Honsel ceiling light Lombifrom 43,64 €*81,86 €
Honsel pendant light Tuva, 120 cm length, Item no. 43565
Honsel pendant light Tuva, 120 cm length414,60 €*
Honsel wall light Liana 3-flame, Item no. 43581
Honsel wall light Liana 3-flame70,07 €*
Honsel wall light Sporto 3-flame, Item no. 43482
Honsel wall light Sporto 3-flame55,18 €*
Honsel wall light Box, Item no. 43514
Honsel wall light Boxfrom 55,84 €*56,33 €
Honsel table lamp Forma, column, Item no. 43540
Honsel table lamp Forma, column65,78 €*
Honsel ceiling light Stick, 33x33 cm, Item no. 43561
Honsel ceiling light Stick, 33x33 cm173,97 €*
Honsel pendant light Lapis, Item no. 43545
Honsel pendant light Lapisfrom 149,10 €*
Honsel ceiling light Piano, round, Item no. 43495
Honsel ceiling light Piano, round55,18 €*
Honsel wall light Forma Wala, Item no. 43583
Honsel wall light Forma Wala46,34 €*
Honsel ceiling light Mikado, 2-flame, Item no. 43576
Honsel ceiling light Mikado, 2-flame186,40 €*189,90 €
Honsel Lane LED desklight 2x3.5W, Item no. 59754
Honsel Lane LED desklight 2x3.5W

Incl. Citizen Power LED, 500lm, CRI80+

99,00 €*
Honsel ceiling light Cassa, round, Item no. 43475
Honsel ceiling light Cassa, roundfrom 58,77 €*
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