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Nitecore MH12 LED Flashlight, Item no. 28193
Nitecore MH12 LED Flashlight

Four lighting levels and three flashing modes

84,95 €*
Nitecore MH10 LED Flashlight, Item no. 28192
Nitecore MH10 LED Flashlight

Four lighting levels and three flashing modes

68,90 €*
Nitecore MH20 LED Flahslight, Item no. 28194
Nitecore MH20 LED Flahslight

Currently the smallest flashlight with built-in charger

99,89 €*
Nitecore P20 LED Flashlight, Item no. 28189
Nitecore P20 LED Flashlight

3 different modes

from 74,85 €*
Nitecore P12 LED Flashlight, Item no. 28186
Nitecore P12 LED Flashlight

Up to 232m light range

from 57,90 €*
Nitecore EC4GT LED Flashlight, Item no. 28198
Nitecore EC4GT LED Flashlight

5 brightness levels and 3 spezial modes

91,90 €*
New product
Nitecore TM16 LED Flashlight, Item no. 28179
Nitecore TM16 LED Flashlight

Waterproof IPX8

179,71 €*
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September 30, 2016 6:51:33 AM CEST