Our advantages

For many years now we have been successfully consulting, developing and servicing in the sector of LEDs. We know our customers very well and can quickly evaluate their requirements.

LUMITRONIX« is a manufacturer impartial overall service provider:

  • Design, planning and development
  • Manufacturer impartial product line
  • Bargain prices because of direct import
  • Know-How
  • Quality: Each product is the best out of usually more than 50 samples
  • Recurring, independent audits guarantee the best support

The distribution-oriented activities are increased by more personnel. Since 2006 apart from the exclusively passive marketing we also focus on specific field sales.

Due to the continuous expansion of our warehouse we will be able to meet the requirements of the increasing demand with a 100% availability. Furthermore investments in new products and other product areas are planned in order to address a larger clientele or rather to better service the already existing clientele. The amortisation of the investments in new merchandise is occurring rapidly as a strong demand already currently exists

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