Cree CXA1304
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Cree CXA1304

Cree extends the series in the lighting class category with the CXA1304 another highly efficient Array with an enormous luminosity and a compact construction. The CXA1304 is the most compact member of the CXA family and provides up to 1034 Lumen with a 6mm light source and allows illuminant manufacturers the quick design of light applications with a small form factor. The small, evenly emitting surface of the CXA1304 allows direct as well as diffused lighting applications with typical XLamp reliability, e.g. as a retrofit or for luminaire design. The XLamp CXA1304 LED series also offers a high luminous efficacy and high efficiency in a unique, easy-to-use package which spares the need for reflow soldering. With a performance on a system level of 250 to 800 lumen the CXA1304 LED series allows easy designs at low system costs.

The CXA1304 is binned at 85 degrees Celsius, which corresponds to a realistic operation temperature. With a diameter of 13.35mm the XLamp CXA1304 LED carries on the history of segment-focussed product innovations for LEDs and for lighting systems.

Due to the EasyWhite Technology from Cree, the desired colour point and colour temperature will be matched more accurately than using the customary ANSI sorting. This is achieved by colour mixing that takes into account the MacAdam ellipse.


  • Cree Easywhite Technology Option, for a broader spectrum of applications with CRI > 90
  • 85°C binning and characterisation
  • Max. current supply: 1000 mA
  • 115° radiation angle, homogeneous chromaticity profile
  • Soldering connection on top
  • Thermal element fixing point
  • Conforms to RoHS and REACH

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Technical details
Max dissipation loss10,6 W
color reproduction95 Ra
Viewing angle115º
Size13.35x13.35x1.15 mm
Current350 mA700 mA1000 mA
Voltage9,2 V10,0 V10,6 V

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Cree CXA1304

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Cree CXA1304
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