Cree XP-E2, royalblue
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Cree XP-E2, royalblue

The XP series with its 3.45mm x 3.45mm base belongs to the new Micro High-Power LEDs. This type of LED package is increasingly established 'as standard' at all large manufacturers. By now Cree, Nichia and Osram are producing their High-Power LED forerunners in casing that are similar to the tenth of a millimetre. The chip placed in the centre and the square shape guarantee even heat dissipation and easy processing. The slim build size is reflow-capable and thus especially designed for mechanical assembly and soldering.

Equal size, greater lumen value

With the development of the XP-E2 Cree draws on its revolutionary SC³ Technology™. The LEDs achieve greater lumen value per Watt with the existing XP-E design and thus reduce the system costs. XP-E 2 LEDs use the same footprint as XP-E LEDs, are optically compatible and enable a seamless transition to more lumens and greater efficiency.

The XP-E2 can be used for a broad palette of applications with a high lumen value, whether indoors or outdoors, in portable devices or as a replacement for customary illuminations. The XLamp XP-E2 is a coloured LED and delivers up to 88 % more luminous efficacy than comparable coloured High-Power LEDs. Thus, illuminant manufacturers can cost-effectively develop a broad spectrum of applications, such as architecture, vehicle and display lighting.

  • Can carry max. current up to 100 mA
  • High efficiency
  • Reflow-capable / can be equipped with SMD
  • Long life expectancy
  • Small dimensions
  • Excellent price/lumen ratio

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Cree XP-E2, royalblue

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Cree XP-E2, royalblue
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