Arctic Alumina thermal adhesive (2x 2.5g)
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Arctic Alumina thermal adhesive (2x 2.5g)

Arctic Alumina (two-compounds-adhesive): With Arctic Alumina the American market leader provides an excellent thermoconductive adhesive with outstanding heat conductivity. It is mainly suited for emitters which can not be screwed or bound to a PCB or cooling element so easily.

Although lighter per set than Arctic Silver due to its use of ceramics rather than silver, each set of Arctic Alumina adhesive will cover the same area.

You receive Arctic Alumina in two syringes (content 2.5g each ) incl. spatula for the optimal dosage, mixing and application. The creamy consistency enables an easy handling.


  • sufficient for approx. 30-40 emitters
  • temperature stable from -40°C up to >150°C
  • layered composite of aluminium oxide and boron nitride
  • electrical insulator
  • RoHS compliant
  • no electric conductivity (under normal use to contact CPUs)

Attention:This thermal adhesive is only suited for emitters with low power; for emitters with higher power, please use Artic Silver thermal adhesive.

Instructions:apply as little thermal adhesive as possible. The thermal conductivity of the adhesive is better than air, but worse than that of the cooling element. The more direct contact the cooling element has to the object to be cooled the better. It may take several hours until Arctic Alumina reaches its full performance. Keep the mixture ratio of 1:1 as exact as possible, otherwise the paste only cures slowly or not at all.

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Arctic Alumina thermal adhesive (2x 2.5g)

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Ideally suited for high power LEDs up to 3W

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Arctic Alumina thermal adhesive (2x 2.5g)
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