Carclo lens 20mm for Cree, Osram, Nichia, Luxeon und Seoul frosted wide
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Carclo lens 20mm for Cree, Osram, Nichia, Luxeon und Seoul frosted wide

The versatile range of products by Carclo offers you the suitable lens for every lighting application. Select the lens in due consideration of its radiation parameters and compatibility with LEDs.

The lenses can be directly adhered to the respective LEDs or fixed with the Carclo lens holder. Always use an appropriate adhesive! The lens must not be applied to the LED with high pressure.


  • 60351: Plain Tight, for long distances, very narrow radiation angle
  • 60352: Frosted Narrow, for short distances, very narrow radiation angle
  • 60353: Frosted Medium, for short distances, narrow radiation angle
  • 60354: Frosted Wide, for short distances, radiation angle similar to that of a halogen spot
  • 60355: Elliptical, elliptical light, particularly suited for the illumination of surfaces
  • Diameter: 20mm

Suited for the following LEDs

  • Cree: MC-E, XP-E, XM-L, XM-L2
  • Osram: Golden Dragon, Platinum Dragon
  • Lumileds: Luxeon ES Rebel, Luxeon Rebel
  • Nichia: 036, 083, 183
  • Seoul: Acriche 2000, P5

Radiation angle

  Cree Osram Lumileds
  MC-E XP-E Golden Dragon Platinum Dragon Luxeon ES Rebel Luxeon Rebel
Plain Tight 20.0 8.2 8.2 5.9 12.4 8.6
Frosted Narrow 24.0 10.35 11.5 10.4 13.8 12.0
Frosted Medium 27.5 17.9 21.0 20.0 20.3 19.0
Frosted Wide 45.0 31.5 32.0 31.7 34.4 35.0
Elliptical 44.0×23.0 47.0×8.0 40.0×10.0 47.0×8.0 47.5×11.9 45.0×9.5
  Nichia Seoul
  036 083 183 Acriche 2000 P5
Plain tight 5.1 10.3 9.1 20.7
Frosted narrow 9 14.0 13.4 22.6 17.4
Frosted medium 18.8 22.8 22.1 27.7 24.3
Frosted wide 32.8 37.4 37.0 35.8 36.1
Elliptical 47.5×7.4 44.6×12.5 48.9×14.3 45.1×20.6

Further technical details can be found in the data sheet.

LUMITRONIX is official Carclo distributor

Technical details
Manufacturer item number10196/ Frosted Wide
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Carclo lens 20mm for Cree, Osram, Nichia, Luxeon und Seoul

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20mm lens

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Carclo lens 20mm for Cree, Osram, Nichia, Luxeon und Seoul frosted wide
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