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New in our range of products! With a market share of more than 20%, Nichia is the largest LED-manufacturer in the world.Nichia LEDs care is characterised by a particularly high durability, efficiency and brightness and in addition they are quite affordable. All light emitting diodes (also low and mid power) of this manufacturer can be found under “Brands and Manufacturers” or in the individual categories:5mm LEDs, 3mm LEDs, SuperFlux LEDs and SMD LEDs. Due to the extraordinary LED quality we use many Nichia LEDS for our LED strips and modules, too. Read href="">more about Nichia

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Product nameEfficiencyLumen per €Max. power (W)luminous fluxPrice
Nichia Chip on Board Modul NSCLL036A 575lm warmwhite, CRI90, Item no. 65804.01
99 lm/W199 lm/€11,4 W575 lm4,90 €*
Nichia Chip on Board Modul NCSLJ216A 3870lm warmwhite, Item no. 65816
111 lm/W323 lm/€70,2 W3780 lm19,90 €*
Nichia Chip On Board Modul NSBLL121A 1935lm warmwhite, Item no. 65814.01
99 lm/W255 lm/€39,6 W1935 lm12,90 €*
Nichia Chip on Board Modul NCSLJ216A 3245lm warmwhite, Item no. 65816.01
93 lm/W231 lm/€70,2 W3245 lm23,90 €*
Nichia Chip on Board Modul NSCWJ216A 4230lm white, Item no. 65815
122 lm/W361 lm/€70,2 W4230 lm19,90 €*
Nichia Chip on Board Modul NSBWL066A 1150lm white, CRI90, Item no. 65805.01
108 lm/W247 lm/€21,6 W1150 lm7,90 €*
Nichia Chip o Board Module NCSWL036A 625lm white, CRI90, Item no. 65803.01
108 lm/W217 lm/€11,4 W625 lm4,90 €*
Nichia NVSW219BT 230lm white, Item no. 65729
104 lm/W176 lm/€5,1 W230 lm4,49 €*
New product
Nichia Chip on Board Modul NSCWJ216A 3550lm white, Item no. 65815.01
102 lm/W253 lm/€70,2 W3550 lm23,90 €*
Nichia Chip on Board Modul NSBLL066A 1050lm warmwhite, Item no. 65806.01
99 lm/W226 lm/€21,6 W1050 lm7,90 €*
Nichia Chip on Board NSBWL121A 2110lm white, Item no. 65813.01
108 lm/W278 lm/€39,6 W2110 lm12,90 €*
Nichia Chip o Board Module NCSWL036A 745lm white, Item no. 65803
129 lm/W265 lm/€11,4 W745 lm4,49 €*
Nichia Chip on Board Modul NSBWL066A 1370lm white, Item no. 65805
129 lm/W318 lm/€21,6 W1370 lm6,90 €*
Nichia Chip on Board NSBWL121A 2520lm white, Item no. 65813
130 lm/W339 lm/€39,6 W2520 lm11,90 €*
Nichia Chip on Board Modul NSCLL036A 690lm warmwhite, Item no. 65804
119 lm/W246 lm/€11,4 W690 lm4,49 €*
Nichia Chip on Board Modul NSBLL066A 1260lm warmwhite, Item no. 65806
119 lm/W292 lm/€21,6 W1260 lm6,90 €*
Nichia Chip On Board Modul NSBLL121A 2310lm warmwhite, Item no. 65814
119 lm/W311 lm/€39,6 W2310 lm11,90 €*
Nichia NVSW219BT 290lm white, Item no. 65758
133 lm/W221 lm/€5,1 W290 lm4,49 €*
Nichia NVSL219BT 200lm warmwhite, Item no. 65753
91 lm/W153 lm/€5,1 W200 lm4,49 €*
Nichia NVSW219AT white, 140lm, Item no. 65730
129 lm/W239 lm/€5,7 W140 lm3,49 €*
Nichia NVSL219A-H1 84lm warmwhite, Item no. 65740
80 lm/W148 lm/€5,7 W84 lm3,49 €*
Nichia NCSL119-H1 80lm warmwhite, Item no. 65720
57 lm/W56 lm/€2,59 W80 lm2,49 €*
Nichia NCSB119 32lm, blue, Item no. 65700
27 lm/W27 lm/€2,59 W32 lm3,49 €*
Nichia NCSE119A 98lm, blushgreen, Item no. 65703
80 lm/W79 lm/€2,66 W98 lm3,49 €*
Nichia NCSG119 130lm, green, Item no. 65706
103 lm/W105 lm/€2,87 W130 lm3,49 €*
Nichia NCSR119 53lm, red, Item no. 65714
65 lm/W60 lm/€1,82 W53 lm3,49 €*
Nichia NCSA119 80lm, amber, Item no. 65717
69 lm/W68 lm/€2,59 W80 lm3,49 €*
Nichia NS9W383 151lm white, Item no. 65779
148 lm/W135 lm/€2,24 W151 lm3,49 €*
Nichia NS9W383 129lm white, CRI 85, Item no. 65778
127 lm/W143 lm/€2,72 W129 lm3,49 €*
Nichia NS9L383 124lm warmwhite, CRI 85, Item no. 65768
122 lm/W131 lm/€2,72 W124 lm3,49 €*
Nichia NS9W153AM 350lm white, Item no. 65930
100 lm/W254 lm/€4,16 W350 lm1,49 €*
Nichia NS9L153AM-H3 290lm warmwhite, Item no. 65940
82 lm/W208 lm/€4,16 W290 lm1,49 €*
Nichia NS6W183BT 143lm white, Item no. 65657
136 lm/W203 lm/€2,31 W143 lm2,49 €*
Nichia NS6L183AT-H1 85lm warmwhite, Item no. 65668
80 lm/W160 lm/€2,64 W85 lm2,49 €*
Nichia NS6L183BT 113lm warmwhite, Item no. 65661
107 lm/W217 lm/€2,31 W113 lm2,49 €*
Nichia SMD LED UV NCSU033B, Item no. 14312
1,9 Wfrom 65,90 €*
Nichia SMD LED UV NCSU275, Item no. 14329
1,85 Wfrom 11,90 €*
LED SmartArray, 12 x Nichia LEDs, 3W, Item no. 53760
101 lm/W73 lm/€3 W155 lmfrom 6,90 €*
LED SmartArray, 12 x Nichia LEDs, 6W, Item no. 53770
99 lm/W92 lm/€6 W350 lmfrom 7,90 €*
LED SmartArray, 6x Nichia LED, 10W, Item no. 53790
105 lm/W176 lm/€10 W1500 lmfrom 11,90 €*
LED SmartArray 757, 6x Nichia LED, 4W, Item no. 53780
117 lm/W143 lm/€4 W490 lmfrom 4,90 €*
Hot product
Nichia NFSL036BT, white, 15lm, without PCB (Emitter), Item no. 65431
28 lm/W46 lm/€0,67 W15 lm0,39 €*
Nichia NFSL036BL warmwhite, 28lm, Item no. 65420
58 lm/W42 lm/€0,88 W28 lm1,99 €*

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