Osram High-Power LEDs
  • Osram High-Power LEDs

New in our range of products! Osram LEDs are particularly suited for industrial demands. Light emitting diodes by Osram are usually less efficient than LEDs by Cree or Nichia, but they offer a higher luminous flux. This particularly applies for Ostar LEDs. With the brand new Oslon, Osram successfully makes up ground when it comes to efficiency with low currents. Accessories for the fixation or cooling of high power LEDs can be found in the categoryHigh-Power LED accessories

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Product nameEfficiencyLumen per €Max. power (W)luminous fluxPrice
Osram Oslon SSL, neutralwhite, 4000K, 175lm, Item no. 69618
62 lm/W70 lm/€2,8 W175 lmfrom 2,49 €*
Osram Oslon SSL, warmwhite, 144lm, Item no. 69628
51 lm/W58 lm/€2,8 W144 lmfrom 2,49 €*
Osram Oslon SSL, red, 165lm, Item no. 69653
61 lm/W66 lm/€2,7 W165 lmfrom 2,49 €*
Osram Oslon SSL, Hyper Red, 400mW, Item no. 69650
2,6 Wfrom 2,49 €*
Osram Oslon SSL, amber, 223lm, Item no. 69645
80 lm/W90 lm/€2,8 W223 lmfrom 2,49 €*
Osram Oslon SSL, green, 201lm, Item no. 69637
54 lm/W81 lm/€3,7 W201 lmfrom 2,49 €*
Osram Oslon SSL, yellow, 145lm, Item no. 69641
51 lm/W58 lm/€2,8 W145 lmfrom 2,49 €*
Osram Oslon SSL, blue, 80lm, Item no. 69633
22 lm/W32 lm/€3,6 W80 lmfrom 2,49 €*
Osram Oslon SSL, deepblue, 1219mW, Item no. 69629
1 Wfrom 2,49 €*
Osram Oslon IR LED SFH4715S, Item no. 69660
3,4 Wfrom 5,99 €*

Displaying article 1 to 10 (of 10 articles)

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