Seoul Z-Power LED P4 emitter, white, 240lm
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Seoul Z-Power LED P4 emitter, white, 240lm

The termed P4 1-Chip-LED emits a luminous flux of 100lm at 350 mA (efficiency = 100lm per Watt). This “P4” was the first LED to catch up with fluorescent tubes and energy saving bulbs when it comes to efficiency and even outweighs the new Lumiled K2 by approx. 100%.

At 1000mA the P4 reaches a remarkable luminous flux of 240 lumen. Jung Hoon Lee, CEO of the company, was accordingly euphoric: “For the light technology industry the P4 writes history as an alternative to ordinary fluorescent tubes and bulbs."

Thanks to special phosphor- and casing technologies based on our own patents the P4 distinguishes itself by a maximum luminous flux, very good thermal resistance values, and a high thermal conductivity.

The Seoul Z-LED P4 is one of the world’s most efficient and brightest High-Power light emitting diodes. LUMITRONIX® provides the P4 in various colours as emitter or Star (emitter on Star-PCB). The emitter-version is preferably used by industry and trade in pick-and-place-machines. For private users the Star-version is recommended. Advantages are the easier handling when connecting, fixing, focussing, and cooling.

The Star-PCBS are made of aluminium and are provided with gilded soldering pads. The latter are guaranteed to be corrosion-free and with the highest conductivity. All our Star-products are structurally identical to the quasi-standard of Lumiled LUXEON LEDs.

We recommend to use a thermal adhesiveto attach the emitter or the star to a thermoconductive surface (e. g. cooling element or another surface made of metal). With our constant current sourcethe control is particularly comfortable and easy.

LED type: W42180-08

Technical details
Max dissipation loss3,7 W
Color temperature6300 K
color reproduction75 Ra
Viewing angle127º
Operating temperature-40ºC - 85ºC
Current350 mA700 mA1000 mA
Voltage3,25 V3,60 V3,70 V
light efficiency87 lm/W71 lm/W64 lm/W
luminous flux100 lm180 lm240 lm

These information may contain maximum values.

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Seoul Z-Power LED P4 emitter, white, 240lm

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Seoul Z-Power LED P4 emitter, white, 240lm
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I used Seoul Z-Power LED P4, for a portable leg torch. Using 4 LEDs. You can watch a video:

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