MultiBar LED strip
Enjoy your beautiful garden. With Philips MyGarden. SALE. 2 in 1. LedLenser Headlamp and torch. € 39,90. OCCASION - only while supplies last.

Enjoy your beautiful garden. With Philips MyGarden.

SUMMER SPECIAL. MASTER LEDspot GU10 4,3W (replaces 50W), Warmwhite / 2700K, Dimmable, Durability 35.000 h, 3 Years Warranty, Scale Price.

Highly developed for tunnels and street lighting. AVENTRIX LED Modules. 5-year-warranty. Typical efficiency of up to 153lm/W.
Perfect lighting for large areas. BackMatrix tunable white LED Modules. 3-year-warranty. Developed for advertising and illuminated surfaces.

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