Osram Lightify LED Lamp Classic A60 9.5W E27, tunable white
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Osram Lightify LED Lamp Classic A60 9.5W E27, tunable white

Never has lighting been so much fun

And never has light been so individual, so enriching, so helpful. Lightify brings the future of lighting into your home and garden. Light controlled by mobile apps. Networked lighting, which can be tailored to your desire and lifestyle. Osram presents Lightify: For the first time a lighting system, which the user can manage the comprehensive possibilities of light via an app on the smartphone or tablet.

Lightify is so simple

Lightify can be simply integrated into the WLAN network present and the Lightify components independently connect with each other. The whole Lightify range of LED lamps and luminaires can be controlled irrespective of your location. In corridors or living rooms, on terraces and in gardens, or in professional use in offices. Osram is taking an integrated approach with Lightify and offers associated products from one source. The installed lighting systems and products of other manufacturers, which support the established standards ZigBee Light Link or Home Automation Standard, can be integrated into the system without difficulty. A DALI Standard interface is also available, as used in professional applications.

Using Lightify you can immerse living or working spaces, as well as balconies and gardens in the most varied of colour moods, all from your smartphone or tablet. Scenarios can be freely configured and can also be controlled when out and about. The app additionally offers pre-programmed light scenarios, such as a realistic sunrise. Furthermore, light moods can also be selected using photos. In this way, spaces are not only transformed every day with Lightify, but rather the light can be useful for your own sense of well-being. The correct scenario helps you to get out of bed easier in the morning and to fall asleep at night.

Whilst you are on holiday, users in your home can set dynamic light profiles before or during our absence with the use of the absence mode. This can offer more protection against break-ins, compared with conventional timer switches.

The light bulb of the future

The highly efficient LED lamp is a modern and exceptional replacement of the 60 watt incandescent lamp It can be used as a tunable white variant with a colour temperature of between 2,700 and 6,500 Kelvin degrees.


  • Tunable white: Change the colour temperature continuously from comfortable warm white (2700K) to cold daylight (6500K)
  • Controllable via smart devices (Android and iOS)
  • Up to 80% lower energy consumption compared to conventional incandescent lamps.
  • Mercury-free
  • Lightify app required
  • Lightify gateway required
Technical details
Max dissipation loss9.5 W
Manufacturer item number4052899926165
color reproduction80 Ra
Life cycle20,000 h
Size60 mm × 110 mm
Voltage230 V
light efficiency85 lm/W
luminous flux810 lm

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Osram Lightify LED Lamp Classic A60 9.5W E27, tunable white

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2000K - 6500K tunable white

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Osram Lightify LED Lamp Classic A60 9.5W E27, tunable white
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