Philips hue White 9.5W Starter Set with Bridge 2.0
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Philips hue White 9.5W Starter Set with Bridge 2.0

Experience the full potential of intelligent lighting

Thanks to the introduction of intelligent lighting, you can control the lighting in your home, office or hotel simply by means of our mobile device. But intelligent lighting presents yet more possibilities: it creates new lighting experiences. That’s what we call...hue.

How does our revolutionary wireless solution work?

Simply connect your wireless LED lights using the bridge - the central control unit linked to your router - and control your lighting via your mobile device. Hue offers you no less than 16 million colours, which you can play around with to create the ambience of your choice. You don’t even need to be at home to control your lighting - Myhue is an online control centre which connects you to hue from anywhere in the world.

Welcome to our family!

Wireless technology allows you to connect your hue system to other light fittings. The hue family is constantly growing: connect your lighting to hue tap - an intelligent light switch you can take with you everywhere - or to friends of hue and hue beyond.

Wireless LED lighting to match your mood

With hue, you can use one of around a dozen predefined light recipes to transform your room in an instant; alternatively, you can lend your smart lighting a personal touch. Do you wish you could relive that perfect sunset? Then simply take a photo, save it to your photo gallery, and let hue do the rest!

Extra smart... messages relayed by light

Light can also be used to draw your attention to something: to wake you up in the morning, for example - by imitating the natural light of the morning sun - or tell you when it’s time for bed - by automatically dimming the lighting at a preset time. But the countless possibilities don’t end there. Via the IFTTT service, you can connect your intelligent lighting to the Internet and receive a light message when an important email is sent to you, or when it starts raining or your favourite football team is about to play a match.


  • tunable white
  • Software upgrades possible
  • dimmable via Wireless switch
  • dimmable via smart device


  • Living room and bedrooms
  • Children’s rooms

Scope of supply

  • 1 bridge
  • 1 ethernet cable
  • 2 E27 Hue White lamps
  • 1 power adapter
Technical details
Max dissipation loss9,5 W
Manufacturer item number44961500
Color temperature2700 K
Viewing angle180º
Life cycle25000 h
Size110x61 mm
Voltage230 V
light efficiency84 lm/W
luminous flux806 lm
Energy efficiency classesA+

These information may contain maximum values.

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Philips hue White 9.5W Starter Set with Bridge 2.0

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dimmable with wireless Dimming Switch

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Philips hue White 9.5W Starter Set with Bridge 2.0
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