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LED spots and lamps are illuminants or whole living room lamps with LEDs intended for the replacement of conventional technology. LED spots and lamps particularly impress with their low energy consumption and the resulting positive life cycle assessment. LED illuminants do not require any warming-up period, do not contain any harmful substances like mercury, and as a rule have a considerably longer life expectancy than comparable conventional illuminants. The purchase of an LED spot usually involves higher initial costs than a bulb, these, however, pay off after a short operational period. Some LED spots and LED bulbs are bright enough to replace 40 Watt bulbs and halogen spots.

- XR20 LED Spots: 5-years-warranty, bright as a 20W halogen, made in Germany (developed and manufactured by LUMITRONIX), T▄V-approved
- Ultraslim LED-Panels are compact living room luminaires with a very agreeable light colour and are as bright as 8 x 60W bulbs.

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