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PODIUM led lights
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Our PODIUM Premium LED lamps are of superior quality and help save electricity while providing powerful LED lighting in a modern design. PODIUM LED lamps form the technological as well as qualitative spearhead of LED prefabricated lamps. Not only do they save up to 80% electricity compared to ordinary bulbs, but thanks to their life expectancy of 20,000 hours (corresponds to 20 years with 3h per day) they also save time and the exchange of illuminants. With our PODIUM range of products you will reduce electricity costs, time and waste to an absolute minimum. LED lamps pay themselves off already after a short operating time.

Further Highlights: integrated electronics for 230V (no additional transformer required), reaches a CRI (colour rendering index) of 85Ra and thus a very natural colour rendering, light colour can hardly be distinguished from that of customary bulbs, many models are dimmable with customary reverse phase control dimmers.

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