Porto LED 2x7.5W, brush. alu brush. alu
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Porto LED 2x7.5W, brush. alu brush. alu

Our PODIUM Premium LED lamps are of superior quality and help save electricity while providing powerful LED lighting in a modern design. PODIUM LED lamps form the technological as well as qualitative spearhead of LED prefabricated lamps. Not only do they save up to 80% electricity compared to ordinary bulbs, but thanks to their life expectancy of 20,000 hours (corresponds to 20 years with 3h per day) they also save time and the exchange of illuminants. With our PODIUM range of products you will reduce electricity costs, time and waste to an absolute minimum. LED lamps pay themselves off already after a short operating time.

The PODIUM LED range of products only uses light-emitting diodes of the first water. All our PODIUM products shine with a very agreeably warm colour temperature of 2700K and even an expert eye can hardly distinguish them from ordinary illuminants. With a CRI (colour rendering index) of 85Ra, illuminated surfaces have a very natural look, almost like daylight conditions. The agreeable and natural light is also an important mark that distinguishes them from many other LED lamps on the market.

All or part of your ordinary living room illumination can be quickly and easily replaced by PODIUM products. Special electronics, transformers or other provisions are not necessary. Since the High-Power LEDs for PODIUM lamps are thoroughly selected, a difference in colour within one or several products is not to be feared. You can easily replace bit by bit without any problems!

Small spot, lots of light. This recessed spot may be small; its light, however, is irradiant and bright enough to illuminate every space without catching the eyes on itself.


  • 2x Premium High-Power LED-Module with 7,5W
  • dimmable by reverse phase control dimmer
  • bright like 2x 40W bulb
  • immediately 100% brightness (no warming up as is the case with energy saving lamps)
  • for interior use, e. g. office or living room

Technical data

  • Colour rendering index (CRI): 85
  • Colour temperature: 2700K
  • Power consumption 2x 7,5W
  • Voltage: 230V
  • Protection class: IP21
  • length 219mm, height 21mm, cutout 105mm, installation depth approx. 63mm
Technical details
Max dissipation loss15 W
Manufacturer item number579704881
Color temperature2,700 K
CIE1931 coordinatesX: 0.45 Y: 0.41
color reproduction85 Ra
Viewing angle40°
Life cycle20,000 h
Voltage230 V
luminous flux700 lm

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installation manual: PODIUM Porto LED
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Porto LED 2x7.5W, brush. alu

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bright like 40W bulb, 20.000h durability, 230V

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Porto LED 2x7.5W, brush. alu brush. alu
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