Philips CoreLine LED Downkight, 11W
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Philips CoreLine LED Downkight, 11W

Your entry into the world of LED technology - simple and affordable

Are you looking for an innovative lighting solution for a standard use? Are you interested in LED solutions? Have you always used conventional alternatives up to now due to higher investment costs? Then today marks the start of a new chapter for you! Up until now, many of those who were interested in switching to LED technology have been put off by the higher prices compared with halogen solutions. Thanks to the new CoreLine LED recessed spotlights, this is no longer a problem. CoreLine LED recessed spotlights are an affordable solution which makes it possible for everyone to switch to LED technology. Today you can enjoy the same light output you are used to, the only difference being a service life which is 10 times longer.

CoreLine LED recessed spotlights - a clear decision in favour of LED

The quality and light output of the CoreLine LED product family makes it possible in most cases to replace conventional luminaires 1:1. The luminaire present is simply removed and the innovative CoreLine luminaire installed. Expensive renewal of cabling and new ceiling configurations are not necessary.


  • IP44
  • swivelling
  • Colour aluminium
  • Payback period of approx. only 8 months
  • Energy savings of up to 75% compared with low-voltage halogen recessed spotlights (50 W)
  • Dimmable (phase / step)

Areas of use

  • Hotels
  • Cafés and restaurants
  • Representative reception and waiting areas
  • Office buildings
  • Doctors’ practices or hospitals

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Philips CoreLine LED Downkight, 11W

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dimmable, swivelling

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Philips CoreLine LED Downkight, 11W
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