PODIUM Lyon LED wallight 2x2.5W white
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PODIUM Lyon LED wallight 2x2.5W white

Our PODIUM Premium LED luminaires feature a high level of workmanship and generate an energy saving and powerful LED light combined with a modern design. PODIUM LED lamps constitute the technological and qualitative spear head of LED pre-manufactured lamps. You will not only save up to 80% energy compared to customary bulbs, but also time and the replacement of illuminants thanks to the life expectancy of 20,000h (corresponds to 20 years, 3h a day). Our PODIUM portfolio will help you to reduce energy costs, time exposure and waste to an absolute minimum. LED lamps pay off already after a short operating time.

The PODIUM LED portfolio uses light emitting diodes of the first water. With a colour temperature of 2700K all our PODIUM products shine with a very agreeable warm light and even an expert eye can hardly distinguish them from customary illuminants. With a CRI (colour rendering index) of 85Ra illuminated surfaces appear very natural and similar to day light conditions. The agreeable and natural light is also an important distinctive feature to many other LED lamps on the market.

Total or partial replacement of your ordinary living room illumination by PODIUM products is very easy. No special electronics, transformers or other provisions are required. As the high power LEDs for the PODIUM lamps are very carefully selected, you will not see any colour difference within one or several products and can thus change your illuminants piece by piece.


  • 4th generation
  • 2x Premium High-Power LED module with 2.5W each
  • bright like a 2x 15W bulb
  • dimmable with reverse phase control dimmer
  • immediately 100% brightness (no warming-up period like energy saving lamps)

Technical data

  • colour rendering index (CRI): 85
  • colour temperature: 2700K
  • energy consumption: 2x 2.5W
  • voltage: 230V
  • protection class: IP20
  • dimensions in mm (HxLxW): 146 x 50 x 115
Technical details
Max dissipation loss5 W
Manufacturer item number332593181
Color temperature2700 K
Life cycle20000 h
Voltage230 V
light efficiency46 lm/W
luminous flux230 lm

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PODIUM Lyon LED wallight 2x2.5W

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bright like 2x 15W bulb, 20.000h durability, 230V

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PODIUM Lyon LED wallight 2x2.5W white
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