LED measurement

Shedding light onto LED Parameters

The problem is as aggravating as it is prevalent: inaccurate or incorrect information about the parameters of light emitting diodes complicates the handling of LED’s for users. We finally put an end to this menace! As probably the first German online shop for LED’s, we possess a highly professional measuring system, which will unearth the truth about LED’s. We offer measurements as a service, but also use the unerring system for the quality control of the products offered by us.

LED measurement sytem

Those who work with LED lights, knows the data supplied with standard products is oftentimes insufficient or incomparable if they stem from different manufacturers. The only solution would be to capture the parameters of LED according to an internationally valid standard. Using an upper class spectroradiometer, which is additionally designed specifically for LED’s, we are able to provide our customers with data they require for successful work. Whether LED’s are incorporated into technical devices or are used to illuminate rooms and presentations – their light always shapes a vital interface to the end customer. Improper diodes can quickly cause damage in many respects.

Our system, based on the OL 770-LED Spectroradiometer by Optronic-Lab, is made up of various components:

  • Integrating sphere, 50 cm for universal luminous flux measurements
  • Goniometer to create radiating characteristics
  • Illumination tube for measurements per CIE Publ. 127 A and B
  • Keithley power generator for pulsed measurements.
All measurements were performed per the international NIST-Standard. Additional information about the measuring devices and the measuring methods can be found under „How we measure“ and „What we measure“. Please feel free to contact us with your questions.

We measure for you:

  • Luminous flux in lm mW
  • Illumination in cd
  • Angle of reflected beam; characteristic of reflected beam
  • Power-Light characteristic
  • Light output / Efficiency (lm/W)
  • Dominant wavelength
  • Colour temperature
  • Colour coordinates per CIE
  • Spectral dispersion and deriving parameters
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