LED fairy lights
  • LED fairy lights

We provide LED chains of lights in white, warm white, blue, or yellow, or with various blinking programmes in various lengths, also star- or candle-shaped. A chain of lights with LEDs consumes 90% less energy than a conventional chain of lights with bulbs, lasts 40 times longer, generates less CO2 and is shock-resistant. The incessant changing of bulbs is history. Thanks to energy-saving light emitting diodes also cordless (battery-operated) LED chains of lights are possible. LED chains of lights are environmentally friendly and save time, money and work.

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Battery fairy light wire warmwhite, Item no. 97193
Battery fairy light wire warmwhite

Energy saving and durable (no more replacing bulbs)

from 5,74 €*
Hot product
LED Mini Chain of Lights, multi-coloured, Item no. 97130
LED Mini Chain of Lights, multi-coloured

LEDs last 100 times longer than normal light bulbs

from 8,50 €*39,95 €
LED Light bars with Snowfall-Effect, Item no. 92097
LED Light bars with Snowfall-Effect

6 strings contains 10 LEDs shining in a very warm white light

from 31,91 €*
LED Tube blue, Item no. 92139
LED Tube blue

For interior and exterior use

from 15,12 €*
LED Ricelight twinkle classic warm, Item no. 31243
LED Ricelight twinkle classic warm

Für den Außenbereich geeignet (IP44)

from 6,07 €*8,59 €
New product
64pc. LED Net 2x2m, Item no. 92082
64pc. LED Net 2x2m

for interior and exterior use, including 24V outdoor transformator

from 26,97 €*
LED Net 1x1m, 32 LEDs, Item no. 92068
LED Net 1x1m, 32 LEDs

In- and outdoor usable, including transformator

from 19,94 €*19,95 €
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