Wireless LED fairy light with remote control
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Wireless LED fairy light with remote control

Finally more creative freedom!

You find cable between the electric light bulbs on your Christmas tree to be annoying? You don?t want to run the cabling according to standard (string type)? Then we finally have a solution for your festive home during the Christmas holiday this year: battery-operated individual LED bulbs. You can position the romantic lights wherever you want on your tree ? or elsewhere - because each bulb has its own power supply. The special feature: the lights can be switched on and off simultaneously by means of the remote control included in the delivery. At the push of a button your tree will shine with bright light. The lights are very beautifully wrought. The lights flicker slightly and are realistically yellow-orange coloured.

No cables: Individual bulbs battery-operated. Nice idea: Don?t tell anyone about the remote control when decorating the tree or the room. Your family or your friends will be amazed when you light up the room with the push of a button. If you would like, you can purchase several sets and operate them with only one remote control.

  • 10 lights
  • 2 AAA batteries per light are included in the delivery
  • approx. 120 hours burn time with one set of batteries
  • yellow-orange light, discreet flickering
  • remote control
  • energy saving and long life (never replace bulbs again)
  • clip fasteners
  • weight: 1000g
  • range of the remote control: max. approx. 15m

Did you know that well equipped string lights with conventional light bulb technology can cost more than 50 EUROS for electricity per month? LED string lights reduce the power consumption to a fractional amount and shine 100 times as long without any problems. So the constant replacement of light bulbs is now a thing of the past. Therefore additional costs will pay for themselves within only a few hours.

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Wireless LED fairy light with remote control

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flexible installation, candle effect

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Wireless LED fairy light with remote control
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