LED System 24V - fairy lights warmwhite, 50 LEDs 50 LEDs, 5m
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LED System 24V - fairy lights warmwhite, 50 LEDs 50 LEDs, 5m

Let your place shine in festive splendour!

You are always right with these fairy lights, whether on your Christmas tree, to illuminate bushes in your garden or your living room.
The warm-white light generates warmth and a feeling of security.
Forget ugly black cables, this chain comes with an almost invisible, transparent cable.
  • length with 100 LEDs: 10m (98002)
  • length with 50 LEDs: 5m (98003)
  • colour: warm white
  • distance between individual LEDs: 10cm
  • for interior and exterior use
  • transparent cable
  • connection cable and transformer must be ordered separately. Item no.: 98000

Please do not forget to include the connector set to your order. It enables you to provide your installation with electricity. You can operate up to 1000 LEDs with one single connector cable.

The maximum constellation is limited to 1000 LEDs (any length and components) per connector cable.

Did you know that well equipped string lights with conventional light bulb technology can cost more than 50 EUROS for electricity per month? LED string lights reduce the power consumption to a fractional amount and shine 100 times as long without any problems. So the constant replacement of light bulbs is now a thing of the past. Therefore additional costs will pay for themselves within only a few hours.

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LED System 24V - fairy lights warmwhite, 50 LEDs

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For interior and exterior use

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LED System 24V - fairy lights warmwhite, 50 LEDs 50 LEDs, 5m
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Assembly quality is poor, attaching strands takes some force, and they burned out and developed loose connections after little more than a year.

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