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LED strips (also called "LED bars" or "LED stripes") and modules are assembly groups comprising PCB, light emitting diode(s) and, if applicable, control electronics. They distinguish themselves mainly by their brightness, processing method, radiation characteristic, and dimensions. LED strips are bright, durable and solid.

Under conditions of practice our Power SuperFlux LED strips reach more than 100lm/W –which corresponds to 10 bulbs – and a luminous flux of more than 600lm. Unlike conventional bulbs, LED strips pay off after a relatively short operating time due to low maintenance costs and energy consumption. 5 years warranty for some of our strips proves “premium quality”, creates valuable investment safety and protects you from unwanted additional costs or early failure of your LED assembly groups.

- SuperFlux LED strips are our best selling LED strips. They are bright, efficient, durable and easy to install.
- HighPower SMD LED strips are particularly suited for high demands when it comes to brightness and colour rendering

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