BacklightMatrix,24V, 290x203, 70 Nichia LEDs
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BacklightMatrix,24V, 290x203, 70 Nichia LEDs

The DIN A4 large BacklightMatrix is perfectly suited for large-scale illumination, for example advertising signs, light boxes or lit ceilings. In each module 70 Nichia LEDs of the 757 series generate almost 1750lm or rather 30,000 lm targeted light per m2. With a module efficiency of more than 110 lm/W the BacklightMatrix exceeds the customary T8 or T5 fluorescent tubes by far.

The brightness of the light emitting diodes was chosen in a way that the BacklightMatrix can easily replace densely packed fluorescent tubes – without dazzling.

The BacklightMatrix can be connected without soldering with homogeneous LED distances horizontally and vertically to surfaces of any size. Easy installation, efficiency and the very long life expectancy considerably reduce the costs compared to fluorescent tubes, particularly in applications with permanent operation. The BacklightMatrix does not require cooling. The connecters are recommended just for the mechanical join of several segments, they do not set up an electrical contact.

49 or optionally 70 LEDs of the 757 series bestow the BacklightMatrix its extraordinary efficiency. This new 0.2 W LED provides a high CRI value of 85 and an excellent price-performance-ratio. These characteristics make the BacklightMatrix perfectly suited to meet even the highest requirements of the advertising and lighting industry.


  • highest system efficiency
  • optimised for advertising & light ceilings
  • particularly good colour rendering
  • easy installation
  • 5-years-warranty
  • no cooling required
  • dimmable (PWM)

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Technical details
Max dissipation loss15,6 W
color reproduction85 Ra
Viewing angle120º
Size209x203x2.2 mm
Voltage24 V

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BacklightMatrix,24V, 290x203, 70 Nichia LEDs

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Optimised for advertising & light ceilings, highest system efficiency

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BacklightMatrix,24V,  290x203, 70 Nichia LEDs
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BacklightMatrix V2,24V,  290x203, 70 Nichia LEDs
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BacklightMatrix V2,24V, 290x203, 70 Nichia LEDs
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