LED Matrix mini, warmwhite, 2x2, 24V, 16 LEDs, 2700K 2x2, 16 LEDs (224lm), 2700K
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LED Matrix mini, warmwhite, 2x2, 24V, 16 LEDs, 2700K 2x2, 16 LEDs (224lm), 2700K

Thanks to its flexible application possibilities and its outstanding values , our Matrix has evolved into one of our top sellers in the past two years. As technology keeps on making progress, we have completely re-engineered the Matrix and could implement further technological improvements. In order to allow an even more flexible use, the size was reduced from 45 mm x 45 mm to 30 mm x 30 mm. Instead of 9 high quality Nichia LEDs, only 4 are used now. Thanks to the reduced size, the distance between the individual LEDs is the same as in the familiar version. Thanks to the innovative techniques that LUMITRONIX has used for the design of the PCB, and the LED efficiency that could be increased from 81 lm/Watt to 148lm/Watt, despite the unbelievable 75,000 lm per square metre the Matrix hardly gets warm and does not require any cooling.


Each Matrix segment can be combined with other segments as desired. With our direct connectors the Matrix segments can be seamlessly stringed together as usual.

The LUMITRONIX LED Matrix is equipped with high quality and durable light emitting diodes by Nichia. The typical CRI is above 80 and thus provides a natural colour rendering. The beautiful warm white colour creates a cosy atmosphere. 5 years warranty provides planning and investment security.

Find out more about Nichia as well as the complete warranty conditions here.

Improvements at a glance

  • even more flexible: dimensions reduced from 45 mm x 45 mm to 30 mm x 30 mm
  • now more than 75,000 lm per square metre
  • light colour selectable 2,700 K - 6,500 K
  • 24 V instead of 12 V
  • 17.2 lm instead of 16.1 lm per LED
  • 0.12 W instead of 0.2 W per LED
  • considerably improved efficiency: 148 lumens per Watt instead of 81lm
  • Each segment (3 x 3 cm) has four highly efficient and durable SMD LEDs by Nichia (5 years warranty) The segments are operated at 24 V and consume as little as 0.48 Watt.
Leuchtbuchstabe aus LED Matrix-Segmenten (Aufwand: 3min. ohne löten und basteln)

This makes the LUMITRONIX Matrix so revolutionary:

The Matrix is designed in a way that it can be delivered in one piece with a size of up to 19 x 14 segments (4 LEDs per segment) SEO Beschreibung Bild 3 and operates like one large PCB. The Matrix can, however, be separated by hand without any tools. Each segment also works individually (see PDF illustration). As each four sides of the square segment provides connectors, long strings, complex shapes or large surfaces can be built with them. The individual Matrix segments can be easily connected to each other with our direct connectors. No soldering required! The Matrix does not necessarily only serve as a technical module e.g. for promotional signs, illuminated letters or ambience lighting, but can also be installed directly to the ceiling or wall without any provisions (24 V) as a technical luminary. Whether large letters, long strings or huge surfaces, the LUMITRONIX LED Matrix concept allows an unlimited variety with one single product.

The product is particularly suited to realise individual and unique light solutions such as specifically designed light fields.


  • cost reduction thanks to very high efficiency and durability
  • highest flexibility thanks to compact structure
  • easy installation
  • 5 years warranty
  • high quality Nichia HighPower SMD LEDs
  • combinable with our Multibar strips & accessories
  • free design: strips, surfaces, shapes
  • holes for the fixation with screws

Application areas

  • illuminated advertising
  • illuminated letters and boxes
  • room illumination
  • decoration
  • indirect light
  • reconstruction/refitting of old luminaries to LED technology


  • (LxWxH) approx. 30mm x 30mm x 2.5mm (each segment)
  • diameter borehole: approx. 3mm
  • distance boreholes (centre/centre): approx. 30 mm
Technical details
Max dissipation loss1.92 W
Manufacturer item number52706
Color temperature2,700 K
color reproduction85 Ra
Viewing angle120°
Operating temperature-40 °C - 100 °C
Size60 mm × 60 mm
Current80 mA
Voltage24 V
light efficiency145 lm/W
luminous flux274 lm

These information may contain maximum values.

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LED Matrix mini, warmwhite, 2x2, 24V, 16 LEDs, 2700K

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New Version: now more than 75,000 lm per square metre

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LED Matrix mini, warmwhite, 2x2, 24V,  16 LEDs, 2700K 2x2, 16 LEDs (224lm), 2700K
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