LED Matrix warmwhite 12V, 1x1, 9 Nichia LEDs, 140lm 1x1, 9 LEDs (140lm)
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LED Matrix warmwhite 12V, 1x1, 9 Nichia LEDs, 140lm 1x1, 9 LEDs (140lm)

The brand new Matrix LED modules leave nothing to be desired. Each small module (4.5 x 4.5 cm) provides nine highly efficient Nichia SMD LEDs. The modules are operated with 12V and consume as little as 1,8 Watt.

Flexible application possibilities

Each Matrix segment can be freely combined with other segments. With our direct connectors, the Matrix segments can be seamlessly stringed together. Whether big letters, long strings or large spaces - the LUMITRONIX LED Matrix concept provides endless variety with just one single product. The Matrix is not necessarily just a technical module e. g. for promotional signs, neon letters or ambience lighting, but can also be attached directly to the ceiling or the wall as a technical lamp without provision (12V).

Designed for room illumination

The LUMITRONIX LED Matrix works with high quality and durable light emitting diodes by Nichia. The typical CRI amounts to more than 85 and provides a natural colour rendering. The beautiful warm white colour creates an agreeable atmosphere. 5 years warranty give you planning and investment security.

Find out more about Nichia as well as the complete warranty conditions here. More than 60,000lm per square metre!

One single segment already is as bright as ordinary LED spots and four segments (2x2) correspond to the brightness of a 40W bulb. However, the Matrix with an unbeatable efficiency of more than 100lm/W consumes less than a tenth of the energy. Thanks to the high efficiency, the Matrix requires no passive or active cooling element.

The Matrix segments can be easily and freely combined with each other without soldering thanks to our SuperFlux connectors. The segments can be delivered in a string of up to 9x12 pieces

This product is particularly suited for the realisation of individual and unique lighting solutions such as specifically constructed light fields


  • cost reduction thanks to very high efficiency and durability
  • highest flexibility thanks to compact design
  • easy assembly and installation
  • 5 years warranty
  • high quality Nichia HighPower SMD LEDs (NSSL157AT-H3)
  • compatible with our Superflux strips and the respective accessories
  • free design: strings, spaces, forms

Application areas

  • neon signs / background illumination
  • neon letters and boxes
  • room illumination
  • decoration
  • indirect light
  • reconstruction / conversion of old lamps to LED technology


  • (LxBxH) approx. 45mm x 44mm x 3mm (each segment)
  • hole drilling diameter approx. 4,2mm
  • Hole distance (Center/MCenter) approx. 15mm
Technical details
Max dissipation loss1.8áW
Manufacturer item number52815
Color temperature2,700áK
color reproduction85áRa
Viewing angle120░
Operating temperature-20á░C - 50á░C
luminous flux140álm

These information may contain maximum values.

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LED Matrix warmwhite 12V, 1x1, 9 Nichia LEDs, 140lm

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Each Matrix segment can be freely combined with other segments

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LED Matrix warmwhite 12V,  1x1, 9 Nichia LEDs, 140lm 1x1, 9 LEDs (140lm)
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Customer reviews LED Matrix warmwhite 12V, 1x1, 9 Nichia LEDs, 140lm

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Transformation of old 150W halogen luminary, bathroom with 9 x 1.8W led matrix. Very natural warm light

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