SuperFlux LED strips
SuperFlux LED strips
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More than 60,000 units have been sold already:LUMITRONIX SuperFlux LED strips provide high luminous flux and low dimensions. The LED strips have gilded plug contacts and are thus particularly insensitive to corrosion. Divisible, flexible and robust. The mature plug system allows a continuous and interruption-free “band of light” over long distances, edges and curves: professional, fast and easy, without soldering and tinkering. For the particular high demand we offer a high-quality aluminium profile for our SuperFlux LED strips. For purely decorative and accent illumination we recommend our SMD LED stripswith low brightness.

Neu New: Power SuperFlux LED strip: reaches 610lm (bright as a 60W bulb) and an efficiency of 105lm/W with 5-year-warranty.

Neu New: water-proof SuperFlux LED strip (IP67) with slim casing, small casing dimensions and special plugs by Tyco.

Neu New: improved SuperFlux LED strips: Nichia LEDs for more brightness, efficiency, homogeneity and durability. Our 5-year-warranty provides highest planning security and protects you from additional costs!

Power SuperFlux LED Strip, 50cm 12V, Item no. 54800Power SuperFlux LED Strip, 50cm 12V

bright like 60W bulb

Item no.54801610 Lumen
Item no.54802610 Lumen
from 39,90 €*59,90 €
SuperFlux LED Strip, 500mm 12V, Item no. 54110SuperFlux LED Strip, 500mm 12V

Now with Nichia LEDs and a 5-year-warranty

Item no.54001170 Lumen
Item no.54002160 Lumen
Item no.54601130 Lumen
Item no.54501180 Lumen
Item no.5440150 Lumen
from 17,90 €*
SuperFlux-LED strip RGB  100░  12V, Item no. 54991SuperFlux-LED strip RGB 100░ 12V

10 each red, green and blue superflux LEDs

Item no.54991110 Lumen
from 17,90 €*
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4x Spacers for MultiBar & LED Matrix, Item no. 540174x Spacers for MultiBar & LED Matrix

For quick installation for our MultiBar and LED Matrix

Item no.54017
from 2,49 €*
Power supply adaptor for MultiBar lines, Matrix & MiniMatrix, Item no. 54012Power supply adaptor for MultiBar lines, Matrix & MiniMatrix

Easy connection to our power supply

Item no.54005Length: 30cm
Item no.54010: 100cm
Item no.54011: 500cm
from 2,90 €*
Connector with cable for MultiBar & Matrix, Item no. 54013Connector with cable for MultiBar & Matrix

Easy connect: Line on line, with space

Item no.54008: 100cm
Item no.54009: 500cm
from 3,50 €*
Direct connector for MultiBar & Matrix, Item no. 54003Direct connector for MultiBar & Matrix

Easy connect: Line on line, without space

Item no.54003
from 1,40 €*
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