Light effects with Arduino, Item no. 30260
44,90 €*44,90 €
New product
Blinkenlight Shield with 20 LEDs for Arduino, Item no. 30261
22,90 €*22,90 €
New product
Lighting technology for practitioners, Item no. 30262
48,00 €*49,36 €
New product
History of electric lighting, Item no. 30263
45,00 €*
New product
LED LENSER® H6 Head lamp, black, Item no. 28041
29,96 €*38,90 €
New product
The big book adventure electronics with LEDs, Item no. 30248
29,90 €*
New product
LED LENSER® H6R Head lamp, black, Item no. 28040
40,01 €*41,90 €
New product
LED LENSER® Automotive Flashlight, Item no. 28117
18,78 €*19,95 €
New product
LED LENSER® P4X Flashlight, Item no. 28118
26,07 €*28,90 €
New product
LED LENSER® H3.2 Head lamp, Item no. 28119
23,07 €*24,95 €
New product
SLV FENDA ceiling light, Item no. 43414
34,90 €*
New product
Nichia NFSW757GT-V1 5000 Kelvin, R8000, Item no. 30152
93 lm
213 lm/W
0.2 W
Nichia NFSW757GT-V1 5000 Kelvin, R8000, Item no. 30152
Nichia NFSW757GT-V1 5000 Kelvin, R8000

Excellent price / lumen ratio with excellent efficiency

from 0,17 €*
New product
Nichia SMD LED RGB NSSM124DT, Item no. 30201

Excellent colour mixture

from 0,49 €*
New product
Nichia NFSL757GT-V1 2700 Kelvin, R8000, Item no. 30148
81 lm
185 lm/W
0.2 W
Nichia NFSL757GT-V1 2700 Kelvin, R8000, Item no. 30148
Nichia NFSL757GT-V1 2700 Kelvin, R8000

Excellent price / lumen ratio with excellent efficiency

from 0,17 €*
New product
Nichia NFSL757GT-V1 3000 Kelvin, R8000, Item no. 30150
83 lm
191 lm/W
0.2 W
Nichia NFSL757GT-V1 3000 Kelvin, R8000, Item no. 30150
Nichia NFSL757GT-V1 3000 Kelvin, R8000

Excellent price / lumen ratio with excellent efficiency

from 0,17 €*
New product
Nichia NSSLT02A-V2, R8000, Item no. 30161
28 lm
149 lm/W
0.2 W
Nichia NSSLT02A-V2, R8000, Item no. 30161
Nichia NSSLT02A-V2, R8000

extraordinarily wide beam angle of 175°

from 0,10 €*
New product
Chrome casing outer reflector, Item no. 95027
Chrome casing outer reflector

Good looking LED casing(stainless)

from 0,21 €*
New product
Leuchten für Innen und Außen - Jetzt bei
Philips MASTER LEDtube 600mm HO 8W T8, Item no. 75056
1,050 lm
131 lm/W
Philips MASTER LEDtube 600mm HO 8W T8, Item no. 75056
Philips MASTER LEDtube 600mm HO 8W T8

As long as 18W neon tube, conventional ballast,low-loss ballast

from 9,84 €*10,77 €
New product
Philips MASTER LEDtube 900mm HO 12W T8, Item no. 75053
1,575 lm
131 lm/W
12 W
Philips MASTER LEDtube 900mm HO 12W T8, Item no. 75053
Philips MASTER LEDtube 900mm HO 12W T8

As long as 30W neon tube, conventional ballast,low-loss ballast

from 12,67 €*12,99 €
New product
Philips MASTER LEDtube 1200mm UO 16W T8, Item no. 75045
2,500 lm
156 lm/W
16 W
Philips MASTER LEDtube 1200mm UO 16W T8, Item no. 75045
Philips MASTER LEDtube 1200mm UO 16W T8

As long as 36W neon tube, conventional ballast, low-loss ballast

from 15,60 €*16,40 €
New product
Philips MASTER LEDtube 1500mm UO 24W T8, Item no. 75037
3,700 lm
154 lm/W
24 W
Philips MASTER LEDtube 1500mm UO 24W T8, Item no. 75037
Philips MASTER LEDtube 1500mm UO 24W T8

As long as 58W neon tube, conventional ballast, low-loss ballast

from 19,96 €*23,50 €
New product
Philips MASTER LEDtube 1500mm HO 20W T8, Item no. 75041
3,100 lm
155 lm/W
20 W
Philips MASTER LEDtube 1500mm HO 20W T8, Item no. 75041
Philips MASTER LEDtube 1500mm HO 20W T8

As long as 58W neon tube, conventional ballast,low-loss ballast

from 17,61 €*19,49 €
New product
Philips MASTER LEDtube 1200mm HO 14W T8, Item no. 75049
2,100 lm
150 lm/W
14 W
Philips MASTER LEDtube 1200mm HO 14W T8, Item no. 75049
Philips MASTER LEDtube 1200mm HO 14W T8

As long as 36W neon tube, conventional ballast,low-loss ballast

from 13,97 €*14,95 €
New product
Transformer 12VAC, 15VA, Item no. 95054
24,99 €*
New product
Närrische Tage - Närrische Preise! - Jetzt bei
Osram VINTAGE 1906 PenduLum Gold, Item no. 43782
16,70 €*24,95 €
New product
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LUMITRONIX launcht B2B Website
Geschenkideen zum Weihnachtsfest - Jetzt bei
Fairy lights controlled by Smartphone? - Available at
Lichterketten mit dem Smartphone steuern? - Jetzt bei
Gruselige LED Halloween Deko - Jetzt bei
Der Weg nach oben: Jetzt mit SAP
Spitzenpreise auf Leuchtmittel von Philips - Jetzt bei
Top priced Philips lamps - Available at
1:0 für Sie! 10% auf LUMEGO Produkte - Jetzt bei
Neue TunableWhite LED-Leisten und Module - Jetzt bei
LUMITRONIX® is official Nichia distributor in Europe
With immediate effect, intensify Nichia, the world leader in LEDs and LUMITRONIX® their successful cooperation.
The fruitful cooperation between the two LED specialists was expanded on March 11, 2016 nearly the entire European continent. The Nichia LEDs are distributed over the LUMITRONIX® sales force and through the online shop This step paves the two companies access to additional customer groups and markets and deepen the partnership that has existed since January 2011.
Die LUMITRONIX Messeneuheiten - Jetzt bei
MultiBar with CRI >90 – The Next Generation!
The MultiBar Family - one of the most successful series of LED module from LUMITRONIX® - have changed.

The MultiBar Family - one of the most successful series of LED module from LUMITRONIX® - have changed. The versatile usable LED bars are now available as MultiBar 24 and MultiBar 44. The highlight of the new MultiBar is the high CRI value of typically about 90. The color reproduction is therefore naturally at the top level and absolutely natural.

The highly efficient modules ( > 118 lm / W ) are available in 3000K or 4000K and don’t need any coling. Try our new all-rounder!

LUMITRONIX auf der light + building 2016
Smartes Licht von Philips - Jetzt bei
LED-Licht steuern per App - Osram Lightify jetzt bei
Neu: Professional-Line für Ultraslim LED-Panels
Ultraslim LED Panels Professional complete our established panel lights with LED lights for customers with high demands. Ultraslim LED Panels Professional are manufactured with the latest LEDs by Nichia and feature higher efficiency (energy efficiency class A+), more light and a 5 years warranty. Furthermore, the newly developed power unit can now be dimmed and switched by Dali, 0-10 V or PWM signal and is thus perfectly suited for object installations. All Professional Panels are available with white or silver frame.
Vorschau auf unsere Light+Building Messe-Highlights
Lumitronix builds production line particularly for LED modules
In January, we considerably expanded our production capacities: The new production line is designed particularly for the manufacturing of modules with LED technology. Three high performance automatic placement machines by Siemens as well as a vapour phase soldering facility by the market leader Asscon produce up to 1 million components per day. More about our production line.
Passend zum 1. Advent: Stromsparen mit LED-Lichterglanz!
LED-Lampen: Unsere Highlights zur dunklen Jahreszeit
Tighter rules for LED lamps
Since September 1, 2013 new information obligations apply for manufacturers and dealers of LED lamps. From now on many useful information are required by law: colour temperature, colour rendering, life expectancy, efficiency, luminous flux, switch-on delay, and an renewed energy effiency label. Furthermore, tighter rules for the sale of LED lamps apply. For example, no lamps with a CRI of under 80Ra must be sold.
Osram LED Lamps Awarded
The winner of the Consumer Prize 2013 is available from today: The LED bulb Superstar Classic A 40 advanced and the reflector lamp LED Superstar PAR 16 50 36° advanced where awarded as the "Trend Product of the Year 2013" at the Home 6 Trend Awards 2013.
LED Lamps Tested by Stiftung Warentest
Stiftung Warentest tests lamps on a regular basis, about once a year. In the last two tests, too, LED lamps showed the best results. Read more in our news centre.

The current issue 05/2013 provides an extensive special with many tests on the topic of efficient and environmentally friendly illumination. Twenty lamps with the classic bulb form were tested. Among them nine LED lamps, nine compact fluorescent lamps and two halogen lamps. For the first time Stiftung Warentest included the complete impacts on environment and health during manufacture, transport, use, and disposal. Clear test winners were the LED lamps: It is true that they are a little more expensive to start with, but they provide a very agreeable, bulb-like light and come with the longest life expectancy. As they do not contain any mercury, do not generate any UV radiation and much less CO2 than their competitors, LED lamps are also very environmentally friendly. Furthermore, they only consume a fraction of the energy of a customary bulb.

Test criteria, among others, were energy costs, colour rendering, brightness, life expectancy, switching capacity, and ecosystem quality. Despite their very agreeable light colour, halogen lamps have performed worst due to their enormous energy consumption, low life expectancy and bad life cycle assessment (adequate and inadequate). Eight of the tested LED lamps received grades between 1.6 and 2.1 (with 1 being the best and 6 the worst result). Only one of the LED lamps was rated “satisfactory”.

The current lamp test was published in the May edition of Stiftung Warentest, all topical texts and information on the purchase of lamps can be found in the theme pack on lamps at

Toshiba LED Lamps at € 9.90
With the dimmable Toshiba GU10 LED Spot, the Toshiba E14 LED candle or the Toshiba E14 LED lamp in mini globe design at the special price of only € 9.90, you will not only save energy costs, but also 40% compared to our former price.
We say thank you: € 2.49 for an LED bulb by SamsungWe say thank you: € 2.49 for an LED bulb by Samsung
LUMITRONIX® thanks its 5,000 fans on Facebook with 5,000 top seller LED bulbs by Samsung at a price of € 2.49 instead of € 12.49!
Award for Best Samsung-Distribution
At the Samsung Distribution Convention on January 31, 2013 LUMINTRONIX® absolutely surprisingly received the award for best Distribution Services in the field of LED lamps 2012. Learn more on our Samsung distribution site.
Langlebige und stromsparende LED-Lichterketten bei
Neue LED-Innovationen und -Trends von Nichia
Nichia Goes into Series Production with New Type of LED
The new Nichia LED shines with up to 170lm/W. This light emitting diode is of particular interest for manufacturers of lamps and luminaires and now available.
Affordable LED lamp by SamsungAffordable LED lamp by Samsung
With the Samsung Classic E27, 10.8W at less than € 20 the Korean electronics specialist enters a new price segment.
Stiftung Warentest: “Good” Alternative to Customary BulbsStiftung Warentest: “Good” Alternative to Customary Bulbs
The test of energy saving candle shaped bulbs revealed "good" alternatives to customary bulbs, but also expensive products that are good for nothing and cheap ones that are very expensive in the long run. 20 energy saving candle shaped bulbs with E14 socket were tested, among them 8 fluorescent, 4 halogen and 8 LED lamps.
LED Lampen: Testergebnisse, Glühlampenverbot und Preistrends
Fourth Step of the Bulb Ban from September 1, 2013Fourth Step of the Bulb Ban from September 1, 2013
In September 2009 the EU began with the graduate constraint of bulb sale. From September 1, 2013 in addition to the former constraints (more then 40W and all matt bulb) bulbs with 10W or more must not be sold.
Cree Innovation: Recessed Modules with 3000lm & CRI90+
According to their manufacturer, the new Cree LMH2 LED modules with an efficiency of 80lm/W provide the industry's highest system efficiency. Up to 3000lm (dimmable) and a CRI of at least 90Ra make these modules particularly attractive for an agreeable room and even shop illumination.
Samsung LED Spot for only € 12.90!
With 490lm the Samsung Classic A60 7.2W LED lamp is brighter than a 40W bulb. Now at a bargain price of € 12,90!
Light and Building 2012 und neue Lumitronix-Kataloge
LUMITRONIX now is ISO certified!LUMITRONIX now is ISO certified!
Our quality management certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001 includes all areas - from product development to customer service. Furthermore, the ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 certifications guarantee our honest and responsible dealing with employees, resources and the environment.
LUMITRONIX at the Light & Building 2012
From April 15, 2012 our technicians and sales staff will present the latest innovations by LUMITRONIX and the LED industry at the leading trade fair for light and architecture. On our Trade Fair Information Site you can receive ticket vouchers and at request also make an appointment with one of our consultants. Meet us in hall 4.2, stand H60!
Honsel LED Lamps
The new Honsel high-quality LED lamps portfolio rationally rounds off our range of finished lamps. All products are exclusively provided with High-CRI-LED illuminants by Citizen and are particularly noble, sustainable and have an agreeable light colour.
LED Lichterketten sparen bis zu 50€ Strom pro Saison!
Über 140 neue Podium LED Leuchten!
More than 140 new Podium luminaires
Our extensive range of high class LED lamps provides something for every taste. Now also in combination with exchangeable LED lamps (e. g. E27 bulbs or MR16 spots).
Remarkable Shift in the LED Lamp Market

In the past few weeks and days many large LED lamp manufacturers have published news and price reductions. Especially the prices for alternatives to 40W bulbs have dropped to under € 20 and are thus lower than ever. We recommend a look at the current range of LED lamps

LED Lampen mehr als nur salonfähig: Strahlende Testsieger und Schnäppchen
Third Step of the Bulb Ban in Force: No More 60W BulbsThird Step of the Bulb Ban in Force: No More 60W Bulbs

In September 2009 the EU began with the gradual limitation of the sale of bulbs. From September 1, 2011 in addition to previous bans (more than 75W and all matt bulbs) also the sale of bulbs with 60W and more will be forbidden. More about the bulb ban.

Stiftung Warentest: LED Lamps are Test Winners

Just on time with the commencement of the next step of the bulb ban, 60W-bulbs and equivalents were tested. Of all the many compact fluorescent and LED lamps only the two LED lamps reached the result “very good”. We have both: Osram Parathom Birne CL A80 and Philips Master LED BirneGlow.

Update of our flexible LED strips

The new LumiFlex LED strip can now be run in longer strands through 24V. Despite nearly the same price it relies on the latest types of LEDs from Nichia and is particularly efficient and twice as bright as ever. In addition, we supplement the LED strips to the "SlimFlex" series, which is characterized by a 4mm wide flex-board. SlimFlex lumiflex and a 5-year warranty and are made ​​in Germany. Again Receives Again Receives Award

After the "Online Store of the year" LUMITRONIX also became category winner of the "Shop Usability Awards" at the Internet World Trade Fair in Munich on April 12, 2011. The expert jurors honoured the particular usability of our actually very technical online store. We are very proud of about this award and will do our best to keep the design of our the store as user-friendly and innovative as possible.

Stiftung Warentest: For the First Time the Winner is LED Lamps

In the journal of the leading German consumer safety Group "Stiftung Warentest" no. 03/2011 20 energy saving lamps were tested. For the first time ever LED lamps performed better than compact fluorescent and halogen lamps. Testwinners were Toshiba E-Core 5.5W and Philips Econic LED 7W (Succeeding model in the Shop) with the result Good (grade 1.6; 6 is worst, 1 is best). Also the Osram Parathom Classic A40 8 Watt scored a good. The Bioledex LED-Birne 13Watt could not convince due to its measured life expectancy of only 1,500W and received the grade "adequate".


This novelty (Made in Germany) by LUMITRONIX opens up totally new possibilities. The Matrix can be theoretically seamlessly combined together to infinite strings, spaces or complex shapes, without soldering or tinkering. The Matrix can be ordered in prefabricated segment sizes, but also be increased or decreased individually.

LUMITRONIX is official Nichia Distributor

Since January 1, 2011, LUMITRONIX has been the official distributor of Nichia LEDs. Nichia Chemical is the world’s largest manufacturer of LEDs and produces exclusively for professional purposes. Read more about the Nichia distribution on our Nichia information page or in our press release.

Christmas lights direct sale in Hechingen

From now on, our LED lights direct sale in the LUMITRONIX head quarters, Haigerlocher Str. 42 in Hechingen is open for you from 1 PM to 7 PM. Here, not only can you buy more than 100 different LED fairy lights and Christmas decoration products, but also see and feel them in action. We look forward to your visit!

Christmas season is beginning, is prepared

Just arrived: LED chains of lights and LED decoration for Christmas. Also this year you will find many high quality LED chains of lights, Christmas decoration and gift ideas in our range of products. Our special category Christmas Special will help you find the right items.

Philips LED lamps with new program

Philips has introduced the new range of LED lamps which also comprises the high tech serial product of the LED lamp, which has been awarded with $ 10 million: MyAmbience LED BirneGlow 12W with its 806lm is the brightest LED bulb in the portfolio. Brightness, radiation characteristics and light colour of the dimmable lamp cannot be distinguished from an ordinary 60W bulb. awarded Online shop of the Year awarded Online shop of the Year 2010

We have made it and are pretty proud of it! At the Deutschen Versandhandelskongress (German mail order conference) on September 29, 2010 was awarded Online shop of the year. We prevailed against many renowned big players in the industry and followed in the footsteps of former awardees like, or The award is bestowed annually on the occasion of the mail order conference "Mail Order World" and is considered to be the most important award in the mail order business. Read more on our Informationpage.

650lm from an LED lamp: 12W Osram PARATHOM

We have tested the new Osram Parathom LED lamp and are thrilled. In the laboratory, it even reached 670lm and is therefore lighter than many 60W bulbs. Also, the emission of light and color was convincing. The Osram PARATHOM 12W LED lamp is now available in the shop.

Bulb ban also on 75W from September 1Bulb ban also on 75W from September 1

In September 2009 the EU began with the gradual restriction of bulb sale. From September 1, 2010, besides the current restrictions (100W and all matt bulbs) also bulbs with 75W or more must not be sold anymore. More about the bulb ban.

Powerful Nichia LEDs with 300lm from 2,80€

Price reduction: no LED offers more lumen per Euro than Nichia High-Power LEDs. Test these light emitting diodes of the market leader for yourself! Bright, efficient, durable, and now available at a reduced rate.

PODIUM LED Prefabricated Lamps

In our shop you will now find more than 50 new Premium LED wall, ceiling, path and build-in lamps for interior and exterior use. PODIUM LED lamps are powerful, durable and provide a beautiful LED light similar to that of a bulb. These LED lights form the technological and qualitative spearhead of LED prefabricated lamps.

LUMITRONIX goes Facebook

Tell us what you thinkTell us what you think on our new Facebook page or become a fan, post links, upload pictures, recommend us to a friend and much more. We are looking forward to many contributions. Find our Facebook page here

COB LEDs with up to 80W and 5000 Lumen

With our new category "Chip on Board LEDs" (COB) we expand our range of products in the upper power range with COB LED Arrays and light-emitting diodes by Bridgelux with luminous fluxes of up to 5000 lumen. Bridgelux is a company specialised in super-high-power light-emitting diodes in the US and is managed by Mark Swoboda – brother of the Cree CEO Chuck Swoboda.

New LED by Cree with 800lm: MP-L

The thoroughly selected Cree MP-L works with many chips in a very small casing (12 x 13mm). It reaches a luminous flux of 800lm with one CRI of 80 and is the perfect choice for light-intensive applications.

G4 LED Pin-Base Bulbs with up to 230lm

LUMITRONIX expands its range of products with G4 LED- pin-base bulbs with up to 230lm (brighter than a 20W bulb). All G4 models are available in cold white and warm white. The warm-white light of the G4 LED lamps is very agreeable and can hardly be distinguished from conventional bulbs.

Ultraslim Panel in a new Format

LUMITRONIX expands the popular panel series by an additional format: 120 x 15cm. The new LED-panel is very slim and still provides the same brightness (approx. 5000lm) like the wider panels.

Osram Orbeos OLED Panel

As the first provider of LEDs we are expanding our range of products with OLEDs. The Osram Orbeos OLED module developed by Osram is the first product on the market. Ideal for every one who wants to get involved with the OLED-technology from the beginning.

Cree XP-G R4 LED with up to 325lm

With 325lm Cree sets a new standard. With 3x3mm the XP-G is hardly larger than the head of a match and is thus one of the smallest high-power light emitting diodes.

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