LUMITRONIX is an official Nichia distributor

LUMITRONIX has been an official Nichia distributor since 01.01.2011. The high-tech company is thus moving away from its previous strict direct-distribution strategy. This is making it easier for many customer groups to access Nichia LEDs. Many years of LED experience and specialisation clearly set LUMITRONIX apart from regular distributors - we are specialists as opposed to generalists. Our qualified staff do not just simply sell LEDs. They can also help you with your projects by providing advice, development support, assembly, measurements and analyses - all in the one place and Made in Germany.

Market expansion: distribution now in Europe

As of 01.04.2016, Nichia and LUMITRONIX have been stepping up their successful collaboration. This fruitful cooperation has now been extended to nearly all of Europe. Nichia LEDs are distributed across Europe by the LUMITRONIX sales team and via the online shop www.leds.de.

Both LUMITRONIX and Nichia welcome the expansion of the sales region and stress their solid and successful collaboration and partnership. The two companies are very happy to continue on the path they have embarked upon.

Countries in which LUMITRONIX will be selling Nichia LEDs as of 01.04.2016

Albania, Andorra, Austria, Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Great Britain, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Macedonia, Malta, Monaco, Montenegro, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Romania, San Marino, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Sweden and Switzerland

Advantages of LUMITRONIX being a Nichia distributor

  • We have been LED specialists for over ten years
  • All in the one place: high-tech measurement laboratory, in-house development and assembly
  • Large warehouse: make-and-hold orders and high availability of all Nichia products
  • Conditions as if you were directly ordering from Nichia, even for large quantities
  • Leave the work to us: we find the ideal products for you and send you data sheets and samples
  • Over 2000 LED products immediately available in our standard range

Warranty Conditions for Products with Nichia LEDs

We are pleased and thank you for your interest in the high-quality and durable products by LUMITRONIX. All items are produced with utmost care in ecologically impeccable operating processes and with the best materials and undergo thorough checking afterwards. Should you, however, have any justified reason to complain, please contact our customer service by phone at +49 (0)7471 / 960141 -0 or by email at mail@leds.de.

Safety Instructions

  • Only use power supply units suited for the product.
  • Do not overload the product
  • Same products may have open contacts. Be careful not to short-circuit them (e. g. by current conducting assembly surfaces).
  • Never touch, install, repair or modify the product while it is energized.
  • Note the IP protection classification. If none is stated, the product must be protected from rain and humidity.
  • Do not look directly into the light source.
  • Do not touch the light emitting diode or the contacts.
  • Do not put the modules or the elements on them under mechanical load.
  • Do not try to repair the product yourself or to modify it in a manner not designated.
  • Some products can reach a temperature of more than 50░C while under operation.

Should you resell the product built-in, you are obliged to attach the compulsory safety instructions and symbols.

5 Years Warranty

The 5-year-warranty applies to the operation of the LED-modules labelled or offered with the 5-years-warranty, e. g.

  • SuperFlux LED strips white, warmwhite and RGB with Nichia LEDs
  • Flexible LED strips white, warmwhite and RGB with Nichia LEDs
  • Chromed LED screws with Nichia LEDs
Explicitly excluded from this warranty are XR20 LED spots, which underlie special warranty conditions.

This warranty applies to all aforementioned products, as far as these are operated in accordance with the instructions, data sheets, manuals and technical data provided by LUMITRONIX and the applicable IEC norms. If the failure of the warranty object within the warranty period was verifiably caused by a material or construction defect, LUMITRONIX GmbH will replace the object free of charge or against credit note. Failure in the sense of these warranty conditions includes modules or individual light emitting diodes on the module that have lost 100% of their luminous power during the warranty period. LUMITRONIX reserves the right to decide about the eligibility of the warranty claim at its own discretion. This requires the return of the failed module for failure analysis.

Warranty payments are only made if the defect product is submitted within the warranty period together with the original invoice or receipt (incl. purchase date, model name and manufacturer’s name). The warranty period begins with the purchase date. LUMITRONIX may refuse the free warranty payment, if these documents are not submitted or if they are incomplete or illegible. The warranty does not come into force, if the identifications possibly labelled on the product such as model name, serial number etc. are modified, deleted, removed, or made illegible.

This warranty neither covers the costs for the transport of the product to LUMITRONIX or its deinstallation, nor the related risks.

This warranty covers none of the following points:

  • Damages or defects caused by the use, operation or handling of the products that do not correspond to the personal or domestic use;
  • All changes typical for light emitting diodes such as loss or brightness or change of the electronic features and colouring.
  • Damages or changes of the product as a result of improper use, including
    - the connection or use of the product for another purpose than the designated one or non-compliance with the instruction, data sheets, manuals and technical data provided by LUMITRONIX;
    - the connection or use of the product in a way contravening the applicable technical or safety-related regulations and norms of the country in which the product is used;

All LED modules must be operated within the stated specifications. The products must not be opened, modified (installation of accessories released by LUMITRONIX excluded) or varnished, unless required for the customary installation or explicitly designated. Warranty seal or seal varnish must not be broken or damaged. As far as the customer has not received the complete specifications, he is obliged to request them in writing at LUMITRONIX or to read the product description of the relevant item at www.leds.de. This includes operating voltage, IP protection classification, ambient temperature and max. humidity.

Legal Claims

Legal warranty claims remain unaffected by this warranty and apply independent of and parallel to them.

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