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SuperFlux LEDs have 4 pins have up to 3 chips to be controlled independent of one another within the shell. Furthermore the pins provide for a better thermal performance. A longer lifespan and more powerful performance are the result.
The most sold LED model are the5mm--LEDs, the classic par excellence. In the meantime this LED comes up with excellent exposure values due to continuous enhancements.
The 3mm LED is the 5mm LEDs little brother. It is applied in all places in which the 5mm LED or generally another LED model cannot be used because it is unfavourable or rather too large.
SMD LEDs (surface mounted device) are extremely small. They are mainly intended for industrial application because the small design only potentiates machine soldering. Would you also like to apply SMD technology? Try our SMD bars or our mini LEDs prefabricated with an already existing wire.

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