Colored LEDs
  • Colored LEDs

Coloured 5mm LEDs are the most often used type of light emitting diodes. Particularly in the modding and decoration area 5mm LEDs are increasingly popular. 5mm LEDs can be processed easily, are very affordable, available in many colours and brightness and do not require a cooling element. You can detect the brightness by means of its luminosity (mcd): the more mcd, the brighter. The luminosity of LEDs are influenced by the angle of radiation. If the angle of radiation is smaller, the light bundles on a smaller surface and has a respectively higher mcd-value, although the total luminosity (lumen) is unchanged.


  • Nichia LEDs may cost a bit more than other LEDs, however, they convince by their considerably longer life expectancy and highest efficiency.

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Product nameEfficiencyMax. power (W)EUR/lmlight powerPrice
5mm LED RGB 45, common cathode, Item no. 15904
from 0,66 €*
Nichia 5mm LED UV NSPU510CS, Item no. 15310
from 2,69 €*
Nichia 5mm LED red 6800mcd 30 NSPR510GS, Item no. 15612
14,960mcd30from 0,29 €*
Nichia 5mm LED 7800mcd 30 NSPA510BS, Item no. 15611
11,700mcd30from 0,29 €*
Nichia 5mm LED green 16000mcd 30 NSPG510BS, Item no. 15532
16,000mcd30from 0,29 €*
Nichia 5mm LED green 43300mcd 15 NSPG500DS, Item no. 15516
0,07 EUR/lm65,000mcd15from 0,29 €*
Nichia 5mm LED blue 4700mcd 30 NSPB510BS, Item no. 15414
4,700mcd30from 0,29 €*
Nichia 5mm LED blue 9300mcd 15 NSPB500AS, Item no. 15409
0,10 EUR/lm14,880mcd15from 0,29 €*
Nichia 5mm LED cyan 6300mcd 30 NEPE510JS, Item no. 15523
6,300mcd30from 0,29 €*
Superbright LED UV 400mcd 13 3.1V, Item no. 15401
400mcd13from 0,25 €*
Hyperbright LED red 11000mcd 16  2.0V, Item no. 15605
11,000mcd15from 0,18 €*
Superbright LED red diffus  2.1V, Item no. 15701
13lm/W0,05 EUR/lm1,500mcd170,05 €*
Superbright LED yellow 700mcd diffus  2.1V, Item no. 15509
17lm/W0,07 EUR/lm1,000mcd26from 0,07 €*
Superbright LED green 170mcd diffus  2.3V, Item no. 15503
1lm/W170mcd210,04 €*
Hyperbright LED green 23000mcd 14  3.2V, Item no. 15505
38lm/W0,05 EUR/lm23,000mcd14from 0,18 €*
Ultrabright LED blue 8000mcd 20  3.1V, Item no. 15405
14lm/W0,13 EUR/lm10,000mcd13from 0,13 €*
5mm LED rainbow 20 5mm 3.8V, Item no. 15903
from 0,45 €*

Displaying article 1 to 17 (of 17 articles)

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