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Power 5mm-LEDs are the connecting link between ordinary 5mm-LEDs and High-Power LEDs. They are high power chips in a 5mm casing. Thanks to the improved pin structure the heat can be dissipated faster than it is the case with ordinary 5mm LEDs and thus a higher power input is possible. Due to their comparably high energisation Power 5mm LEDs have a shorter life expectancy than standard 5mm LEDs.

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Product nameEfficiencyMax. power (W)EUR/lmlight powerPrice
Nichia 5mm LED white 26lm NSDW510GS-K1, Item no. 15033
28,000mcd35from 1,49 €*
Nichia 5mm Power LED white 28lm NSDW570GS-K1, Item no. 15031
0,04 EUR/lm7,900mcd140from 1,49 €*
Nichia 5mm LED warmwhite 23lm NSDL570GS-K1, Item no. 15037
0,06 EUR/lmfrom 1,49 €*
Nichia 5mm LED white 26lm NSDW510GS-K1, Item no. 15033.10
0,06 EUR/lm28,000mcd351,58 €*
Nichia 5mm LED warmwhite 21lm NSDL510GS-K1, Item no. 15036
0,07 EUR/lm26,000mcd35from 1,49 €*
Power 5mm LED red 5000mcd 90 2.1V, Item no. 15607
50lm/W0,14 EUR/lm5,000mcd90from 1,49 €*
Power 5mm LED yellow 4000mcd 80 2.2V, Item no. 15511
29lm/W0,19 EUR/lm4,000mcd80from 1,49 €*
Power 5mm LED green 5000mcd 87 3.5V, Item no. 15506
31lm/W0,14 EUR/lm5,000mcd87from 1,49 €*
Power 5mm LED blue 1100mcd 85 3.6V, Item no. 15406
10lm/W0,37 EUR/lm1,600mcd85from 1,49 €*

Displaying article 1 to 9 (of 9 articles)

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