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SuperFlux LEDs also Spider or Piranha LEDs) have four Pins, so that up to 3 chips within one casing can be controlled independently. Moreover, the pins provide a better thermal behaviour, which results in a longer life expectancy and stronger power. At present, SuperFlux LEDs with Nichia-Raijin light emitting diodes reach the highest efficiencies of all LED construction types. Nichia Raijin SuperFlux LED reaches more than 160lm/W with 50mA and even more than 180lm/W with 20mA. The theoretical maximum light yield for white light amounts to approx. 250lm/W. This way these SuperFlux LEDs are close to the efficiency optimum. See also SuperFlux LED strips.

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Product nameEfficiencyEUR/lmlight powerluminous fluxPrice
Nichia Superflux LED white 10lm 100 NSPWR70CSS, Item no. 11011
0,03 EUR/lm6,200mcd10014lmfrom 0,45 €*
Nichia Superflux LED warmwhite 8lm 110 NSPLR70CSS, Item no. 11012
0,05 EUR/lm4,500mcd11010lmfrom 0,45 €*
Nichia Superflux LED white 20lm NSPWR70CSS, Item no. 11009
0,03 EUR/lm19,000mcd8022lmfrom 0,69 €*1,39 €
Nichia Superflux LED warmwhite 18lm 70 RAIJN NSPLR70CSS-K1, Item no. 11010
104 lm/W0,02 EUR/lm15000 mcd
18 lmfrom 0,49 €*1,39 €
Nichia Superflux LED red 5lm NSPRR70ASS-Rb/Rc-R, Item no. 11603
0,06 EUR/lm7lmfrom 0,45 €*
Nichia Superflux LED pink 3lm NSPBR70ASS-N9-Ra/Rb-N923, Item no. 11902
0,10 EUR/lm1,500mcd1104lmfrom 0,39 €*
Nichia Superflux LED amber 5lm NSPAR70BSS-Py/Pz-L, Item no. 11604
0,08 EUR/lm1,900mcd1156lmfrom 0,45 €*
Nichia Superflux LED green 7lm NSPGR70BSS-P1/P2-G, Item no. 11505
0,05 EUR/lm4,000mcd1009lmfrom 0,45 €*
Nichia Superflux LED blue 3lm NSPBR70BSS-PU/PV-W, Item no. 11406
0,15 EUR/lm1,300mcd1003lmfrom 0,45 €*

Displaying article 1 to 9 (of 9 articles)

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