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This is Hue

Philips hue is an app controlled lighting system, which can operate up to 50 light sources simultaneously and control 16 million colours - and it can do all that, via your Android or iOS smartphone or tablet. Hue can become a part of your everyday life. With alarm-clock settings. With timers. With warning signals. With protection for your home. Light adapted to your personal lifestyle.

This is how it works

There are many different lamps and lights for Hue, which can be easily integrated into your lighting system at home.

Hue works with the wireless router you have in your home.
The control of the lights lies in your hands. With the app, you have everything under control. The colours. The brightness. The functions.
The bridge: literally the bridge between your app and the lamps. Using the bridge, which is connected to your router, up to 50 lights sources can be connected a the same time.
You can also connect your system to the outside world over the Internet. You can control lighting from far away, connect it to digital services or even with our own in-box.
Hue product line

Just the right light for every occasion!

Experience your home in a new atmosphere

Safety for your home

Take on the day filled with energy

TV and music become even more intensive

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December 10, 2016 1:40:10 PM CET