This is Hue

Optimum convenience for controlling your lights. Combine brilliant and energy-efficient LED lighting with intuitive technology - keep it simple for your home.

This is how it works

1. Choose a product from the Hue range.

2. Connect the Hue Bridge, the core element of the system, to your WiFi router. Install the Hue app and establish a connection to your Hue lamps and lighting fixtures.

3. Control your lights from home or while you’re out - specify the brightness and colour. This way, you can customise your lights to your everyday habits.

Getting started

There are three ways in which you can get started with the Hue system and upgrade it according to your personal desires.

A. Choose any starter kit including a Hue Bridge and install the Hue system. There is a range of starter kits to choose from.

The Hue app is used to control the lights.

B. Purchase the Hue Bridge and any Hue product separately and install them.

The Hue app is used to control the lights.

C. Purchase a product with a remote control unit and get started without a Hue Bridge. In this case installation is not necessary, but the range of functions of the remote control is restricted. The Hue Bridge can be upgraded at a later stage.

Additional control options

The Hue dimmer switch can be removed from the wall at any time thanks to its magnetic adhesion, following which it can be used as a remote control.

The Hue Tap Switch stores your preferred settings and functions as a light switch or as a remote control.

The Hue Sensor reacts to movement and switches your lights on and off automatically for optimal convenience in controlling your lights.

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