Development, production and distribution of LED modules- from a single source and according to your wishes!

Quality control

Our production:

  • ESD-protected
  • Market leading technology
  • Several years of experience
  • Gentle soldering under protective gas atmosphere

Our development engineers design modules and control technology according to your requirements and matched to your applications such as luminaries, inspection machines, status displays, light modules for domestic appliances and many more.

In our in-house assembly line, high performance automatic placement machines by Siemens place large and small components in an extremely fast and precise way. The vapour phase soldering machine by the market leader Asscon differs from ordinary convection soldering furnaces by its extraordinarily gentle soldering process under protection gas atmosphere. This prevents oxidation and cold solder joints and improves the thermal connection of component and PCB. This is particularly advantageous for light emitting diodes, whose aging scales with the operating temperature.

Specialised and certified:

Quality management
ISO 9001
Industrial safety
OHSAS 18001
Environmental management
ISO 14001
Handwork by qualified workers

The complete process can be customised to your requirements and is to a large extent automatised. Production lots can be tracked back accurately to the Bin. This is of particular importance for industrial applications that continually require the same brightness, colour or voltage for a long period of time.

As development, procurement of materials, storage and production all take place on our premises, our process chain is cost efficient, traceable and less prone to failure.

No module manufactured by us will leave our house without quality control.

Meeting our quality and safety regulations is our utmost priority! Therefore we produce without any poisonous substances and always work with ESD protective clothes and on ESD surfaces in the production area.



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