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    Robust and controllable in many ways



    The outdoor luminaire can be very easily integrated into the existing Hue network, like all other Hue lamps, there is no difference. We use it on a roof terrace. Using dowels and screws, we have anchored it to the wide masonry parapet so that it can remain permanently and safely outside. The cable runs through a cable duct to the outer socket. The connection to the bridge in the apartment works flawlessly, as does the integration into Amazon's Alexa system. Hue lamps only make sense in the eyes of the beholder if they are used to the full. Best of all with voice control. Otherwise you can also fall back on cheaper lamps.
    After an initial phase in which we experimented a lot with the colour, it turned out that we use white light and everything else would be a nice gimmick if you work with more than one lamp. But since a single one already produces a very bright light, that would be completely exaggerated (and too expensive, I think) for a terrace.
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